The Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer – Up Close And Personal

Elektron stopped by sonicstate to give an up close look at the new Analog Four synthesizer.

From the original freak you out teaser video to the official announcement, the Elektron Analog Four has been generating buzz, based both on the company’s reputation and the new synths unique features.  Continue reading

Elektron Analog Four First Look – ‘Words Cannot Describe How Cool This Machine Is!’

YouTube Preview Image

The news of the Elektron Analog Four synthesizer has generated some of the biggest buzz of any recent synth announcement.

We’ve posted specs and audio demos previously, but here are the first videos we’ve seen for the Analog Four.

Above, Elektron’s official intro video. Below, a video via MrDataline (Cenk Sayinl) that demonstrates the new synth from a user’s perspective:

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