Eowave Magma Analogue Bassline Synthesizer Now Available

Eowave has announced that its new Magma Analogue Bassline Synthesizer is now available.

Here’s what they have to say about the Eowave Magma:

The MAGMA is an analogue bassline synthesizer inspired by classical synths from the 1980s. It offers the possibility to mix 4 different waveforms (saw, square, sub, noise). The 24 dB low-pass filter is also inspired from classical filters from the 80s.

To this particular sound of the 80s, we added a touch of modernity with modern controls and parameters saving features. The 16 steps sequencer has 4 rows: 1 for the notes and 3 freely assignable to a parameter of your choice that enables to create living sequences with sonorities like Vince Clark or Jan Hammer.

Technical details below:
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Eowave Persephone Mark II With The “Métallique” (Sneak Preview)

YouTube Preview Image

This is a sneak preview of the Eowave Metallic Resonator prototype, inspired by the Martenot Métallique.

In the video, it is demonstrated with the Eowave Persephone Mark II.

Maurice Martenot created an early electronic instrument, the ondes Martenot, that sounded similar to a theremin, but was controlled by a unique keyboard that allowed for traditional keyboard playing and also expressive pitch glides that the theremin is known for.

Martenot expanded the sonic capabilities of his instrument by running it through unique resonating speakers. These speakers add their own resonances and coloration to the sound, so they are part of the ‘sound’ of the instrument.

The Eowave Magma Synthesizer Is About To Erupt! (Musikmesse 2012 Sneak Preview)

Eowave Magma synthesizer

Boutique synth manufacturer Eowave has announced plans to release the Magma analogue bassline synthesizer at Musikmesse 2012.

According to the developer, the Eowave Magma analogue bassline synthesizer was inspired by classic synths from the 1980s.

Key features include:

  • Mix four different waveforms (saw, square, sub, noise);
  • 24 dB low-pass filter; and
  • A 16 step sequencer.

The Eowave Magma is priced at €599 and is expected to be available ‘soon’.

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