Andrew Kilpatrick Interview (Kilpatrick Audio)

andrew-kilpatrick-audio-eurorack-modular-synthesizerThe latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast is an interview with Andrew Kilpatrick, right, of electronics manufacturer Kilpatrick Audio.

Kilpatrick Audio is known for making modules in the Eurorack format and also in their own 4U Kilpatrick Format.

“One of the most important things to me is making real things,” notes Kilpatrick at his site. “I like things I can hold in my hand. I like things that feel well-made. I like to dream up an idea for a device and then just build it and try it.”  Continue reading

The Boomstar Modular Synthesizer


Last week, Studio Electronics introduced four Boomstar Modular System modules – Eurorack modules, created in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular, based on the Boomstar all-in-one synthesizer designs.

Now they have introduced the complete Boomstar Modular System – 14 modules that they say ‘dramatically opens up the root level programming and sound sculpting of that lush and potent, and already flexible Boomstar sound’.

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Audio Damage Intros Mad Hatter Digital Noise Source

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAudio Damage has introduced the Mad Hatter Digital Noise Source for Eurorack modular synthesizers.


  • Digital shift register noise plus 6 square wave oscillators for easy x0x-style cymbal synthesis.
  • COLOR knob controls shift register noise clock and oscillator stack pitch.
  • HPF FREQ knob controls high-pass filter frequency.
  • CROSSFADE knob mixes from audio input, through noise, to oscillator stack.
  • CV control of all parameters.
  • 8HP panel size.
  • Skiff-friendly 20mm depth.

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Studio Electronics Intros 4 New Euro Boomstar Modules

boomstar-roland-3003-filterStudio Electronics today introduced four Boomstar modules for Eurorack synthesizers.

The modules feature several of the filter designs from the company’s Boomstar synthesizers and an AMP/VCA module.

Boomstar Modules:

  • 3003 ( Roland Filter)
  • 4075 (ARP Filter)
  • 5089 (Moogy Filter)
  • AMP / VCA (overdrive)

The modules are the first in a planned Boomstar Modular System – a collection of 11 modules that are designed to unleash the potential of the company’s Boomstar design.

“We’d like to think we’ve learned a few things, bringing the MIDIMINI, SE1-X, ATC-X, polyphonic CODE Omega synths, ModMax pedals, C2s, Pre 2, and Slate Pro Audio Dragon and Fox to market, and the air waves worldwide”, notes SE. Continue reading