Roland System-500 Analog Eurorack Modules Official Details


Roland has released official details on their new System-500 analog Eurorack synthesizer modules.

The System-500 is a fully analog recreation, in Euro format, of the classic Roland System-100m modular synthesizer. The modules are produced in collaboration with established Euro manufacturer Malekko Heavy Industry.

According to Roland, the System-500 delivers the ‘classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument’.

Here’s an overview on the Roland System-100m from the Summer NAMM Show: Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Updates Multi-Function Disting Module With New Features

expert-sleepers-disting-mk3Expert Sleepers has announced a major update to their Disting Eurorack module – the Disting mk3.

New algorithms shipping with the disting mk3 include a voltage controlled delay, a tape delay, and a resonator/drum synthesizer.

Many existing algorithms have also been enhanced – with extra parameters, manual tap tempo (for the clockable LFO and delay modes), and a ‘knob recorder’ function.

Here’s what’s new in the Disting mk3: Continue reading

Black Cat Intros Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack Module

monster-k-fuzz-euro-moduleBlack Cat Pedals has introduced the Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack synthesizer.

The Monster K-Fuzz module processes audio input signals through a modified vintage fuzz circuit to create an array of harmonically complex tones and textures. Unlike vintage fuzz circuits, though, the Monster K-Fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers.

The Monster K-Fuzz module features variable controls for Saturation and Frequency, 3-position selector switches for Clipping and Voicing, and two separate Voltage Control Inputs.

Here’s a demo of the Monster K-Fuzz module in action: Continue reading

Macro Machines Intros ‘Incredibly Versatile’ Omnimod Eurorack Module

omnimod-wideMacro Machines has introduced Omnimod – a new Eurorack module that offers 4 channels of LFOs, Step Sequencing, Envelope Generation and Envelope Following.

Centered around a high contrast OLED screen, the Omnimod provides vivid visual feedback for precise editing, as well as a scope mode to aid in configuring the inputs. This allows for deep control over complex modulation sequencing.

You can save settings as presets, and you can also use the Macro Machines Storage Strip to allow multiple modules on the same power bus line to store and recall their settings at the same time. This allows for instantaneous system-wide storage and recall of different configurations.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading