Trogotronic Intros High-Powered, Double-Duty, Tube-Based M679 Gran Fury Analog Tube Synth


Trogotronic has introduced the M679 Gran Fury Analog Tube Synth / Bypass Overdrive FX Caveman Module.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Building upon the legacy of the m676 Fury, the M series 679 Gran Fury has 8 times the patches, 150% more oscillating power, 120% more cv inputs & adds a synth bypass mode to double as a filthy tube distortion unit, all up in your tightly packed rack, it ALL WITHIN the same 14hp as before with zero toll on your already overtaxed power supply.

The sound?

Curiously akin to R. Lee Ermey switching on the kilowatt floods & screaming through an Orange Full-stack set to ’11′ first thing the morning after an all-night gin bender; i.e. relentless punishment applied to all head-holes within audio range.

The Gran Fury’s feature list picks up where the original Fury’s left off: Continue reading

Teia Synthesizers Intros Two Euro Modules, Stochastic Function Generator & SFG Expander

Teia Synthesizers has announced their first Eurorack modules, the Stochastic Function Generator and the SFG Expander.

The basic concept is, every time you feed a gate/trigger to the Gate in input, the module randomizes a Rise (Attack) and Fall (Decay) value between the minimum and maximum knob settings. It has multiple uses, from playing subtle swing variations to crazy envelope shapes. Continue reading