Jellyfish V2 Modular Delay For Eurorack Synthesizers

jellyfish-modularPlankton Electronics has released the Jellyfish V2 Modular - a PT2399 based delay in Eurorack format.

With 17HP it includes an input pot with saturation red led, a mix section, a LFO with an external output, Time, Fine and Feedback controls with infinite feedback, a sync input and many modulation possibilities.


  • IN: attenuator for the incoming signal. The associated red led will start to glow just a few mV before the signal is clipping inside the delay IC. Note that when extreme feedback is used the led will glow independently of the incoming signal.
  • WET & DRY: mix pots for the signals. WET control the amount of delay sent to the output while DRY sends the input signal directly to the out.
  • TIME & FINE: delay time pots. The main control of the module. Turn it to get delay times from 27 to 570 mseg. NOTE: When powering up the machine these controls can not be in it’s lower position or the IC will not work. Turn it up a little bit before.
  • FDBCK: feedback control. This is the amount of delayed signal that is send again inside the delay. It goes from 1 repetition to infinite.
  • RATE: The frequency of the LFO.
  • DEPTH: The amount of LFO signal that is sent to the time parameter of the delay. Very useful for create vibrato effects or other crazy deep sea sounds.
  • WAVE: choose between a square or triangle wave for the LFO.
  • CV TIME: attenuator for the incoming CVT signal.
  • CV FDBCK: attenuator for the incoming CVF signal.
  • CV WET: attenuator for the incoming CVW signal.

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Synthetic Sound Labs Debuts ‘Segwencer’ Segue-Sequencer Module Eurorack

SSL_Segwencer_EURO_FrontPanelSynthetic Sound Labs has released a EuroRack version of its Segwencer module. Developer Doug Slocum says this 10HP width, skiff-ready module offers “a new form of musical expression that has been previously unavailable to the analog synthesist.”

What’s in a name? The Segwencer module name derives from the audio term segue (fading from one sound to another), and the synth term sequence (moving from one point / sound to another); the module combines these two into a new way of morphing sounds, textures and even control voltages.

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Graphic Control Voltage Eurorack Module


The CV Graphic V2 is a prototype Eurorack synth module, created by Lysandre Follet, that is designed to allow graphical manipulation of control voltages.

The CV Graphic is built around an Atmega328 chip, a 128×128 OLED screen and two DACs.

According to Follet, “The main idea behind the module is to provide interaction between CVs and graphics, where graphics become a ‘virtual partner’ in the musical creative process.” Continue reading

Softwire Synthesis Intros Octal Voltage-Controlled Switch

octal-vc-switch-eurorack-moduleSoftwire Synthesis has introduced the Octal Voltage-Controlled Switch for Eurorack modular synths.

The OVCS is a module consisting of 8 gate or capacitive touch controlled analog switches.

The top 4 switches are latching type while the bottom 4 are momentary type. The capacitive switch buttons are self calibrating upon power up ensuring proper operation, with no user calibration.

Here’s a demo of the Octal VC Switch in action: Continue reading