Synthetic Sound Labs Debuts ‘Segwencer’ Segue-Sequencer Module Eurorack

SSL_Segwencer_EURO_FrontPanelSynthetic Sound Labs has released a EuroRack version of its Segwencer module. Developer Doug Slocum says this 10HP width, skiff-ready module offers “a new form of musical expression that has been previously unavailable to the analog synthesist.”

What’s in a name? The Segwencer module name derives from the audio term segue (fading from one sound to another), and the synth term sequence (moving from one point / sound to another); the module combines these two into a new way of morphing sounds, textures and even control voltages.

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Graphic Control Voltage Eurorack Module


The CV Graphic V2 is a prototype Eurorack synth module, created by Lysandre Follet, that is designed to allow graphical manipulation of control voltages.

The CV Graphic is built around an Atmega328 chip, a 128×128 OLED screen and two DACs.

According to Follet, “The main idea behind the module is to provide interaction between CVs and graphics, where graphics become a ‘virtual partner’ in the musical creative process.” Continue reading

Softwire Synthesis Intros Octal Voltage-Controlled Switch

octal-vc-switch-eurorack-moduleSoftwire Synthesis has introduced the Octal Voltage-Controlled Switch for Eurorack modular synths.

The OVCS is a module consisting of 8 gate or capacitive touch controlled analog switches.

The top 4 switches are latching type while the bottom 4 are momentary type. The capacitive switch buttons are self calibrating upon power up ensuring proper operation, with no user calibration.

Here’s a demo of the Octal VC Switch in action: Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Disting 16-in-1 Eurorack Module

Expert Sleepers has introduced the Disting – a 16-in-1 multifunction module, offering a variety of CV and audio processes, including a selection of oscillators (LFOs/VCOs).

All algorithms have two high-precision inputs and outputs, and a third control input, exposed on a front panel knob and a CV input.

The included algorithms are: Continue reading

The Music Thing Modular Contact Mic – Mikrophonie

music-thing-modular-contact-mic-eurorack-synthesizerMusic Thing Modular has announced a new module – Mikrophonie.

Mikrophonie is a very simple contact mic module. There is a small piezo disk mounted behind the 4hp panel, or you can plug in an external mic (they’re easy to make).

The panel is PCB with no soldermask. The raw PCB fibreglass has a rough texture – rubbing it with a finger or a plectrum creates quite a wide range of sounds. The back of the panel is plated and grounded for shielding.

The mic will also pick up all the physical sounds in your modular – patching, cables rustling, switches, fingers on knobs – without picking up airborne sounds i.e. the sound your modular is making. At very high sound levels will pick up vibrations from the speaker output and start to feedback. Continue reading