Expert Sleepers Intros Three New Modules: ES-40, ESX-8CV & ESX-8GT mk2


Expert Sleepers has introduced three new modules:

  • The ES-40 SPDIF Interface (£94.80) converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of expansion headers, which are used in conjunction with the Expert Sleepers ESX range of expanders.
  • The ESX-8CV CV Expander (£130.80) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight CV outputs from one expansion header.
  • The ESX-8GT mk2 Gate Expander (£54) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc. from one expansion header.

Here’s a demo of the ES-40: Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Intros Max/MSP External Objects

Expert Sleepers has announced their first Max/MSP externals.

These native Max objects support the ES-4, ES-5 and ESX-4CV modules, so it is no longer necessary to use the Silent Way plug-ins to drive these modules from Max. Continue reading

Glow In The Dark Patch Cables

Expert Sleepers has introduced a new way to pimp your Eurorack rig – glow in the dark patch cables.

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Silent Way v2 Adds 5 New Plugins, 64-Bit Support, MIDI Learn & More

Expert Sleepers has released version 2.0.0 of Silent Way, its suite of plugins designed to let you use your computer as part of a modular synthesizer system.. The plugins make no sound, but are designed to generate control voltages.

Silent Way v2.0.0 updates include:

  • 5 new plug-ins: Silent Way ES-5 Controller, Silent Way ESX-4CV Combiner, Silent Way Follower, Silent Way Learner and Silent Way Soundplane.
  • 64 bit support (OS X and Windows).
  • New GUI look.
  • Added skinning – fully customizable GUIs.
  • Added MIDI learn for easy remote control from MIDI control surfaces.
  • Added new OSC control features for trivial setup with popular OSC apps such as TouchOSC.
  • All plug-ins are now installed in a single bundle (OS X)/dll (Windows).
  • Numerous other small fixes and enhancements.

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Expert Sleepers Silent Way + Madrona Labs Soundplane + Modular Synthesizer

Here’s a demonstration, via , of the new Madrona Labs Soundplane controller being used with Expert Sleepers Silent Way to control a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

Eigenharp Control Voltage Setup, With EigenD 2 Workbench, Silent Way, ES-3 & Slim Phatty

YouTube Preview Image

Eigenharpist Geert Bevin let us know about this tutorial, which looks at using an Eigenharp Pico to control a Moog Slim Phatty via control voltages:
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Expert Sleepers ESX-4CV CV Expander

Expert Sleepers has introduced the ESX-4CV CV Expander,an expansion module for the ES-4 or ES-5, adding four CV outputs from one expansion header. Using Expert Sleeper’s Eurorack Modules, you can use your computer as a powerful control voltage source with a modular synthesizer.

The ESX-4CV’s specifications are as follows:

  • Panel width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 26mm
  • Digital input: connection from ES-4 or ES-5 module
  • Analogue outputs: 4x 3.5mm jacks, DC-coupled
  • Output voltages: ±5.33V, hardware calibrated
  • D/A conversion: 12 bit, using high precision Analog Devices DACs
  • Indicators: 2 LEDs per channel (+ve and -ve voltages)
  • Current draw: TBC

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Announcing The ES-5 “ES-3 Expander”

Expert Sleepers has introduced the ES-5, an expansion module for the Expert Sleepers ES-3 Lightpipe/CV Interface.

It piggybacks on one of the ES-3’s stereo channels to provide eight gate/clock/sync/MIDI outputs on the ES-5 itself, plus further expansion headers to connect up to five ES-4 Gate Expanders.

Expert Sleepers’ Eurorack modules let you integrate computers with your modular synthesizer. They can be used with the Silent Way suite of plugins to add computer-controlled LFOs, MIDI control and more.

The ES-5 is expected to be available late March 2012.