Expert Sleepers Disting 16-in-1 Eurorack Module Video Demo

This video, via mylarmelodies, takes a look at the newly released Expert Sleepers Disting Eurorack module.

The Expert Sleepers Disting is a 4HP 16-in-1 multifunction Eurorack module. The video demo goes is nearly 40 minutes long, and dives deep into the Disting’s features.  Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Disting 16-in-1 Eurorack Module

Expert Sleepers has introduced the Disting – a 16-in-1 multifunction module, offering a variety of CV and audio processes, including a selection of oscillators (LFOs/VCOs).

All algorithms have two high-precision inputs and outputs, and a third control input, exposed on a front panel knob and a CV input.

The included algorithms are: Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Intros ESX-8MD Expansion Module

Expert Sleepers has released the ESX-8MD MIDI/DINsync Expander – an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5. The new module adds eight MIDI/DINsync outputs from one expansion header.

The ES-4/5 Controller software (part of Expert Sleepers Silent Way) allows the ESX-8MD outputs to be used for MIDI output (note – not just MIDI clock output, but as an actual MIDI port, capable of sending any MIDI messages). Since these outputs are driven from an audio connection, they have sample-accurate timing, which no USB MIDI interface can claim. Continue reading

Silent Way v2.4 Now Available

silent-wayExpert Sleepers has released Silent Way v2.4.0 (all platforms and formats) – the latest version of their system for integrating computers with modular synthesizers.

Here’s what’s new in Silent Way v2.4:

  • Added new Run modes and a periodic reset feature to Silent Way Sync.
  • Added virtual MIDI input ports to Silent Way ES-4 Controller and ES-5 Controller.
  • Added ‘Manual DAC’ feature to Silent Way Step LFO.
  • The Audio Unit version now implements Apple’s newer Audio Component API, allowing usage in modern (post-OS X 10.6) hosts that do not support the older Component Manager API.
  • Updated Silent Way Soundplane’s OSC support for the new t3d format in the Soundplane Client v1.0 and above.

For details, see the Expert Sleepers site.

The Polyphonic MicroBrute

This video, via Expert Sleepers, shows one way to get a Polyphonic MicroBrute – use four Arturia MicroBrute synthesizers.

The MicroBrutes are connected via MIDI to an Expert Sleepers ESX-8MD module, driven by the Expert Sleepers Silent Way software. Silent Way takes the polyphonic MIDI generated by the controller keyboard and distributes it between the MicroBrutes, so that each works as one voice of a polysynth. Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Intros Three New Modules: ES-40, ESX-8CV & ESX-8GT mk2


Expert Sleepers has introduced three new modules:

  • The ES-40 SPDIF Interface (£94.80) converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of expansion headers, which are used in conjunction with the Expert Sleepers ESX range of expanders.
  • The ESX-8CV CV Expander (£130.80) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding eight CV outputs from one expansion header.
  • The ESX-8GT mk2 Gate Expander (£54) is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40 or ES-5, adding 8 on/off outputs for use as gates, triggers, clocks etc. from one expansion header.

Here’s a demo of the ES-40: Continue reading

Expert Sleepers Intros Max/MSP External Objects

Expert Sleepers has announced their first Max/MSP externals.

These native Max objects support the ES-4, ES-5 and ESX-4CV modules, so it is no longer necessary to use the Silent Way plug-ins to drive these modules from Max. Continue reading

Glow In The Dark Patch Cables

Expert Sleepers has introduced a new way to pimp your Eurorack rig – glow in the dark patch cables.

Continue reading