Fairlight CMI 30-A Demo By Peter Vogel Instruments’ Graeme Renaud

This video captures a short presentation by Peter Vogel Instruments’ Graeme Renaud on the Fairlight CMI 30-A.

While the focus is on the new CMI 30-A, Renaud also discusses some of the history of the Fairlight CMI and how the technology of the time affected the instruments sound.

CMI Pro Gets Updated With AudioBus Support & More

peter-vogel-cmi-proPeter Vogel has updated CMI Pro – his software recreation of the classic Fairlight CMI.

Here’s what’s new in CMI Pro 1.5:

  • Major App rewrite, with lots of improvements.
  • Audiobus support, both input and output. Send any audio to other apps, or sample new voices from the output of other apps.
  • New Synthesizer and Sequencer Engines. Better accuracy, lower CPU use, new features like polyphonic channels.
  • Background synth and song playing. Play your song in the background, or use external keyboards to play your selected voices while another app is in the foreground. Great for looping.
  • Stereo voices, voices from MP3, view waveforms and play voices before importing them.
  • Page R step/pattern navigation while playing. No need to stop first.
  • Skip the startup floppy disk to get right into composing.

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Peter Vogel CMI Pro

Peter Vogel has rebranded his iOS instruments, formally sold as Fairlight Instruments apps, under his name.

This is part of the rebranding of Fairlight to Peter Vogel Instruments.

The app changes, at this point, are limited to the logo and app name. No functional changes have been made, other than a very slight improvement in MIDI performance.

Vogel promises an update with ‘significant new functionality’ before the end of the year.

Details on Vogels’ apps and keyboard are available at the company site.

UVI Darklight IIx Review

This is a review of UVI’s Darklight IIx – a virtual instrument inspired by the classic Fairlight CMI – via FM’s Rob Puricelli:

For $199, the UVI Darklight IIx library gives you a wealth of useable sounds from a Fairlight, enough power to shape yet more sounds for your own use and a lovely retro style interface that evokes a pleasant sense of Aussie sampler-based nostalgia. It is not an accurate Fairlight clone, doesn’t claim to be yet satisfies the most ardent fan of the sound of the Fairlight.

YouTube Preview Image

See the written summary at FailedMuso.

UVI Darklight IIx is available for $199 (VST/AU/RTAS/MAS).

DarkLight IIx – A Virtual Fairlight For Your DAW

UVI has introduced DarkLight IIx, a new virtual instrument inspired by the most iconic synths of the 80’s, the Fairlight Computer Music Instrument.

Here’s what UVI has to say about their new virtual take on the Fairlight CMI:

We took our obsession to the next level, creating a complete set of instruments, sounds and sonic tools deeply inspired by the original digital monster. A unique, hybrid process of exhaustive multi-sampling, analysis, and advanced audio processing allowed us to not only capture the original character of this machine but to enhance its ability with a host of today’s most powerful analog modeled filters, LFOs, envelopes and effects–packaged beautifully in an old-school interface.

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Peter Vogel & Thomas Dolby On The Fairlight & The History Of Electronic Music

Thomas Dolby and Fairlight’s Peter Vogel got together for an interview with Australia’s ABC Big Ideas.

They discuss their influences, their careers and how their careers intertwined with the Fairlight CMI synthesizer.

via Failed Muso

Sampling With The Fairlight App For iOS

YouTube Preview Image

Fairlight’s Peter Vogel demos sampling on the Fairlight app for iPhone and iPad, with the help of some kitchen utensils.

See our previous posts on Fairlight for more info on the apps and also the new Fairlight CMI-30A keyboard.

The Fairlight app is available now in the App Store.

via FairlightInstruments