Blamsoft Intros F-16 Filter For iPad, With 16 Filter Modes

f-16-filterBlamsoft has introduced F-16 Filter – a flexible multi-mode filter for iPad.

F-16 Filter offers sixteen modes, frequency and resonance controls, saturation for analog-style soft clipping, and wet/dry mix.

The 4 pole lowpass mode is designed to provide the frequency response of the Moog ladder filter. The other modes provide the choices available in the Oberheim Matrix 12 and Xpander synthesizers. Continue reading

Erica Synths Intros Acidbox II Filter, Inspired By Polivoks VCF


Erica Synths has introduced the Acidbox II filter – the second edition of their emulation of the Russian synthesizer Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF).

Erica Synths ACIDBOX II sound circuit is built around rare Russian ICs, used in the original Polivoks synthesizer.

Acidbox II has significant improvements compared to the first version: redesigned LFO with new waveforms and audio rate modulation capabilities, built in analogue noise generator, balanced output and more.

Here is the official intro video: Continue reading

STG Soundlabs Mankato Filter Review


The Mankato Filter is a four-pole lowpass filter, designed by Thomas Henry.

It offers positive and negative outputs at every pole, giving you slopes of 6 dB/oct, 12 dB/oct, 18 dB/oct, and 24 dB/oct simultaneously. And the negative slope outputs let you use the Mankato as a quadrature sine oscillator, with 8 available phases. Continue reading

PMS-20 Brings ‘Pure Analogue Rage’ To Reason


Primal Audio has released PMS-20 Analog HP/LP Filter, an analog-modeled filter Rack Extension.

PMS-20 has many uses; from crunching up beats, adding some bite to samples, or giving vocals an edge to hoovering sweeps, making synth leads growl, or demolishing whole tracks. Continue reading

Pittsburgh Modular Intros Fltr Variable State Filter

pittsburgh-modular-fltr-filterPIttsburgh Modular has introduced Fltr, a voltage controlled, analog state variable filter.

According to the company, Fltr is ‘a distilled version’ of their classic Filter module, that offers the same ‘warm and gummy sounds’ in half the space.

Here’s what they have to say about the Fltr module:

The Fltr offers a warm, organic sweep through the full frequency range. The lowpass filter is gummy and relaxed while the highpass is clean and defined. The goal was to produce a filter that does not have a single sweet spot. We worked to make every turn of a knob offer something musically engaging. Multiple filter responses are available simultaneously including lowpass, highpass, and bandpass.


  • Frequency Knob – Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • Frequency CV Knob – Attenuator and/or invert the frequency CV input.
  • Resonance Knob – Adjusts the resonance (Q) of the filter.
  • Frequency CV Input Jack – Frequency CV input.
  • Input Jack – Audio input.
  • Highpass Output Jack – 12db highpass filter output.
  • Bandpass Output Jack – 12db bandpass filter output.
  • Lowpass Output Jack – 12db lowpass filter output.

Production of the Fltr is limited to 60 modules. The Fltr module is available now via the Pittsburgh Modular site for US $169.