The Folktek Euphonos Field Synthesizer


The Folktek Euphonos Field synthesizer is a unique boutique synthesizer that features touch-based synthesis and spectacular oak and brass construction.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Euphonos Field features touch based synthesis, synth trigger section, thick reverberation, filteration, delay and looping and two sequencers. All patching can be done on board with included patch cables and all modules have 1/4″ ins and outs to send to/from external gear.

The sound patching can be arranged however the player likes. ie; synthesis > reverb >delay/loop >filter. Each panel has Control Voltage to be accepted from the sequencers or from any external CV covering the synth pitch, synth triggering, filter frequency, on/off of reverb or delay, delay time and loop capture.

Loops can be captured in time with the sequencers (which can be synchronized to each other optionally or synched to external clocks) and both the delay and reverb decay when turned off.

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Freefarm Interview

Freefarm is a short film about Sound Designer Simon Pyke, aka Freefarm.

Shot in Brighton over one day at his house, studio and the surrounding area, the film offers an insight to how he became a sound designer and the method and techniques behind his craft.

You can watch the film online and view the rest of his portfolio :

Folktek Luminist Garden & Modular System

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a modular synth jam, that combines a complex modular synth with the Folktek Luminist Garden.

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Bizarro Folktronica Virtual Instruments For Kontakt

Folktek has introduced Folktek Collection Volume 1, a collection of bizarro virtual instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.


  • 64 virtual instruments, 1.74 GB content.
  • 16-24 bit 44.1khz Sounds.
  • Over $30,000 worth of Folktek instruments sampled.
  • Includes Abstract, Ambient, Noise, Percussive & Synth.

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Steampunk Synthesizer Caught On Video

YouTube Preview Image

Saturday Synth Porn: Here’s a brief video, meant to be a visual presentation, not a sonic one, of the very steampunk and very gorgeous Time Scape Wave Sequencer by Arius Blaze of Folktek.

via benpumpkin:

There will be more to come. go to for more info – enjoy

Gorgeous Steampunk Synthesizer


Folktek designer Arius Blaze created this awesome custom steampunk synthesizer:

The “Time Scape Wave Sequencer” is a sampler, processor and synthesizer with a built in 8 step sequencer. The touch board controls the polyphonic synth part which can be fed through delay or any combination of thousands of possibilities for wave shaping as well as the possibility of having the shape altered in time with the sequencer.

More photos are available at the Folktek site.