Beach Sampling – Music Made With Sand, Rocks & Water

This video by Beach Sampling, explores sound design techniques, using only vocal recordings and sounds of objects found at a beach.

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Beatmaking With WerkBench, A Korg Mono/Poly And A Tambourine

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Enough of the analog vs digital, hardware vs software discord!

The sweet spot is finding ways to use what you’ve got creatively, as this beatmaking synth jam demonstrates. Trasurecharger smoothly jumps between a Korg Mono/Poly, and a few percussion instruments, using WerkBench to tweak the sounds and sequence a groove.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

You’ve Got Dubstep – Sound Design With A Dialup Modem Noise

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Need a little inspiration? Then check out this tutorial, via muzik4machines, that demonstrates how to make a dubstep track out of the sounds of a dialup modem:

I have heard that dubstep sounds like a dialup modem, so I decided to test if the modem could sound like dubstep.

Every sound is from the opening handshake – there is no synth and no samples used, even the drums are all based on parts of the modem sound. The bass is pretty clearly shown in the intro from modem buzz to brostep wobble.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Diego Stocco On Finding Beauty In Sound

Sound designer and composer Diego Stocco lets us know about this new video that captures a presentation he gave recently on sound design at the Vimeo Festival & Awards.

The presentation is about 80 minutes long and offers a deep look at Stocco and his techniques. More importantly, though, Stocco shares some great sound design stories and shares his infectious attitude for finding beauty in sound.

See also our recent Diego Stocco interview and his portfolio of audio experiments.

Music With Packaging

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Need a little inspiration?

Here’s a found-sound video song, via reader Jan-Marco Ritter, who says:

I just wanted to show that you can make music with everything. So I grabbed my new Sony PCM M-10 and the packaging that came with it and made this track on a sunny berlin day.

All sounds and music were made ONLY with the AIR-Plus packaging that came with my Sony Mobile Recorder! Editing in Ableton Live.

Like the videos of Diego Stocco, Music WIth Packaging is a reminder to get on with it – make some music with whatever you have!