Torley On The OMG-1 Synthesizer, “We’ll Need A Shrine”

Torley wins the OMG-1

Yesterday, we found out that Torley Wong, who we’ve featured previously on the site for his Project Preset videos, had won the coveted OMG-1 synthesizer, the grand prize in Spectrasonics’ benefit contest for the Bob Moog Foundation.

The OMG-1, introduced at the 2011 NAMM Show, is a one-of-a-kind frankensynth conceived by Spectrasonics’ Eric Persing.

The OMG-1 synth combines:

  • Moog Little Phatty analog synthesizer
  • Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere software synthesizer
  • An internal Apple Mac Mini computer
  • Dual Apple iPads
  • Dual iPods
  • Spectrasonics’ Omni TR iPad app

We contacted Torley to get his thoughts on winning the contest and the OMG-1. We weren’t fishing for compliments, but he had some kind words about Synthtopia to share, along with his plans for the OMG-1:

Between composing these works for the OMG-1 Contest, I’d take breaks and yes, Synthtopia was among my paragon sites to get further ideas. Awhile ago, I recall it was Synthtopia that turned me onto arboreal virtuoso Diego Stocco, whose Omnisphere sounds I adore.

Exclusive trivia: if you get/have the Moog Tribute Library, “Diego LCO 3 Octave Lead” is one of the shrillest-yet-loveliest things I’ve ever heard, and fought it like knight-vs.-dragon to come up with a striking melody which is in my “OMG” @ 0:29.

And your posting of the Don Muro (the man must be reincarnated as an octopus) video spurred me to write “Bach-Us” (pun intended). So even when I’m not commenting (which I tend to do in batches as you’ve noticed), know that I’m listening and learning more! 🙂

My PROJECT PRESET videos were done to encourage others to hear the possibilities of the Moog Tribute Library — in hopes they’d learn more before buying — and to teach myself, like a good scientist’s lab notes, what the Library is all about. Preparation is key to any successful project, and to paraphrase Warren Buffet, I won’t invest in sounds I don’t understand.

Now I look forward to a whole OMG-1 to understand, and like Cenobites take care of Lemarchand Boxes, I’m honored by this opportunity and look forward to solving these puzzles. Thanks for contributing to my understanding, and thank you for your support of my vids over time… it’s been encouraging because I love seeing others make enthusiastic vids too. Keep amplifying the awesome!

Thanks to Torley for the kind words and congratulations on winning the contest.

Torley doesn’t know yet when he’ll get the OMG-1, yet, but he said “We’ll need a shrine.”

“I’d imagine my wife would craft such a thing,” he added. “It’ll be odd because I’m so NOT used to dealing with bigger physical keyboards since my old studio a decade ago, and my workflow is outright adverse to using a lot of desk space. But with change comes the opportunity to learn.” Continue reading

Eric Persing’s OMG-1 iPad/Moog Frankensynth Freakout

YouTube Preview Image

One of the coolest introductions at the 2011 NAMM Show was a synth that you can’t even buy, Eric Persing’s iPad + Moog frankensynth, the OMG-1.

Persing designed the OMG-1 as a contest promotion for the Bob Moog Foundation. This video, via SynthMeTV, captures the unveiling of the OMG-1 at NAMM.

In the first have of the video, Persing and Michelle Moog-Koussa talk about the contest and introduced the OMG-1. The second half of the video, though, captures Eric Persing’s OMG-1 frankensynth freakout!

Check it out and let me know what you think of the OMG-1 synthesizer!