iZotope and Berklee Online Debut Audio Production Webinars

Berklee_Online_iZotope_RX4_intro_videoAudio technology company iZotope has partnered with Berklee Online, the online continuing education arm of Berklee College of Music, creating a series of webinars for students preparing for a career in audio production.

The videos cover topics such as commercial composition and audio repair for post production, sharing “inspiring solutions for common music production activities.”

Berklee Assistant Professor and online instructor, Loudon Stearns, and  iZotope Product Specialist, Brandon Carroll, have co-presented two webinars, now available online for free:

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Free Music Friday – Live Scottish Electronica From Kvetch

Free Music Friday: Reader Kvetch (Sean Gillespie) sent word of an EP of live electronica performances that he’s made available as a free download:

I love your blog, especially free Music Fridays, your releases from that are always filling up my music players!

I have just finished recording a totally free to download and share 5-track EP under my stage name Kvetch. I have other releases on record labels here in Scotland, but thought I’d put one out totally free, rcorded in one take with no after production, using a pair of Electribes, Samson SM10 and some homemade synths and a homemade MIDIBOX.

Thought you guys and/or your readers may be interested in some Scottish electronica, kind of glitchy, kind of breakbeat, kind of other things.

You can preview and download Kvetch’s Pop And Sizzle EP using the player above.

Free Analog Percussion Sample Pack

Reader Ville Väisänen sent word of a free sample library, made with the Korg Monotribe:

I made this free drum/percussion sample pack with my monotribe. I found it is great box for such sounds; with pitch and filter envelopes and great sounding resonant filter I recorded some pretty powerful analog bass drums, effect sounds and other percussion.

There are 90 files available for download as 24bit wav files, above or via SoundCloud. They are CC licensed.

reTracked – Two Free Music Discs

Tracker Alex Radzishevsky sent word of his site, Retracked, and two free discs of tracker music:

Dear Synthtopia,

I think this never been announced at Synthtopia, that’s why I decided to draw your attention.

http://retracked.org is a community of people who recreate old favorite tracker music in modern quality. Everything is described at the main page, here is only a small cite:

“The main aim of this project is to create cover-versions of those wonderful musical compositions which touched our souls in order for more people, both familiar and otherwise with the tracker art, to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful music. “

reTracked already released two discs. Not only music, but complete releases with unique software player.

Free. Available in any quality up to CD.

Trackers are a class of music sequencers that emerged in the early days of personal computing. reTracked is a non-commercial initiative of a group of tracker musicians, traditional musicians and fans of the tracker art.

reTracked’s two discs of music are free downloads from the site.

Make A DIY Tangible Music Sequencer – With Paper & Lentils!

YouTube Preview Image

Free Music Software: The D-Touch Sequencer and D-Touch Drum Machine are free downloadable apps that let you experiment with tangible sequencing:

The audio d-touch interactive surface consists of a simple printed piece of paper. The movable physical objects are marked using labels, also printed on normal paper. The computer observes the blocks and the paper through a low cost web-cam, and thanks to the d-touch marker recognition algorithm it can localize them precisely.

The information about the position and orientation of each block is used to control a digital audio synthesis process. The system was designed to be extremely low cost, robust and easy to set up, which makes it possible to fully and freely release it for download.

More info and download are available at the D-touch site.  See below for performance demos. Continue reading

Free Korg Monotron Ableton Live Rack

YouTube Preview Image

Want another free Live Rack?

AfroDJMac is on it – sending word through the synth line straight to your eyeballs about a new Rack based on the Korg Monotron:

Hi brothers and sisters of Synthtopia,

So I love the Korg Monotron, it has a surprisingly huge sound from such a small piece of hardware. The problem for me is the ribbon controller. I can’t consistently hit the right notes!

So this week I have sampled my little beast of a synth, racked it up in Ableton, and now it is much more playable on a MIDI keyboard. It sounds huge and I have added some functions not possible on the original (attack, release, polyphony, glide…)

I hope you guys enjoy it, spread the word, and thanks for all of your support 🙂

You can download the Korg Monotron Rack from the AfroDJMac site.

And, if you like these free Live Racks that AfroDJMac has been putting together each week, leave a comment and let him know!

DIY iPad Audio Dock Designed By Reed Ghazala

Reed Ghazala designed and built this DIY iPad audio dock as a cheap and dirty alternative to the yet unreleased Alesis Studiodock.

Ghazala has this to say about his DIY iPad audio dock:

I know I’m not the only individual appreciating the experimental music apps available on the iPad. I’m anxious to support the developers’ fine work.

But for musicians, the iPad’s interface can be frustrating. Do you really want to use dongles, mini-jacks and flimsy wire to get in and out of the thing?

This audio breakout solves these problems, is easy to do, and is inexpensive.

If you want a slick, basic and functional DIY audio desk, on the cheap, check this hack out!

“This audio desk is really fun to use,” adds Ghazala. “Hacking the apple is always a good thing.”

See the video overview of the iPad audio dock project, below, for more details and build info.

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