Future Retro Intros Three New Products The Winter NAMM Show

At the 2014 NAMM Show, boutique synth maker Future Retro introduced three new products:

  • The Zillion is a single track algorithmic sequencer, inspired by the very rare Triadex Muse sequencer.
  • The Swynx converts MIDI clock messages into MIDI, DIN Sync, and Analog Clock outputs, with two additional controls for adjusting the time signature and swing for syncing devices.
  • The 1X4X2 THRU box was designed as an expansion for the Swynx, providing four MIDI outputs, and four DIN Sync outputs.

SchneidersBuero’s Andreas Schneider caught up with Future Retro’s Jered Flickinger at the show and got an update on the new Zillion algorithmic sequencer, above, and some of FR’s other new products.  Continue reading

Future Retro Mondovox Offers New Ways To Play & Control MIDI Synth Modules


Future Retro has introduced the  Mondovox… a rack module that’s designed to provide “new ways to play, control, and breathe new life into your MIDI sound modules.”

The Modovox takes polyphonic MIDI data and translates it to so that each voice is on its own MIDI channel.

With the Mondovox, you can polyphonically play up to 16 monophonic synthesizers in ways you would expect to find in features-laden polysynths, expanding upon those ideas for many new and exciting possibilities.

Although it’s designed to play multiple monosynths (such as our popular XS semi-modular synthesizer) polyphonically, the Mondovox can be used with any monophonic, polyphonic, multitimbral or single voice, analog, digital, virtual synthesizer or sampler…. it doesn’t matter, as long as it has MIDI. Continue reading

Live Transmission – A Sequenced Acid Synth Jam

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This acid synth jam, Live Transmission, combines classic analog acid synth sounds from the Future Retro Revolution, hardware virtual analog from Access Virus Snow & software synth sounds from Sunrizer running on the iPad.

Details below.

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Does Platform Matter Anymore? (Multiplatform Synth Jam)

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Does it matter what platform that you use to get your synth on anymore?

Analog, digital and virtual analog synths all have their strengths & weaknesses. And hardware, software and mobile synths each offer different ways of making music.

This live synth jam, Subvertic‘s Dark Hum, makes the case for making the most of each platform’s strengths, combining Korg EMX, Access Virus Snow, Sunrizer on the iPad and the Future Retro Revolution.