Gakken SX-150 Mod Turns It Into A Cheap Electro-Theremin

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Giuseppe Di Cillo hacked his Gakken SX-150 to add a  pressure sensitive ribbon controller, turning it into a cheap electro-theremin.

The Mod Ingredients:

  • 1 50cm softpot sensor
  • 2 15kh resistors
  • 1 wooden board
  • 2 female audio jacks
  • A cable with two stereo  male audio jack
  • 1 3-terminal connector for printed circuit
  • electric cables

Details on the Gakken SX-150 mod are available at Coagula.

Gakken SX-150 Modifications

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This video, via DINSync, demonstrates modifications to the Gakken SX-150 synthesizer – a cheap analog synth that can be easily hacked:

Here’s what’s got to be one of the best bargain analog synthesizers out there. It’s the Gakken SX-150, a stylophone styled analog that can be found on ebay for $40. The machine has to be assembled, but there’s no soldering involved. It’s just a matter of putting the PCB in the case and connecting the power line, pretty simple stuff really. It’s very much a gimmick but since it really is a true analog it’s fairly easy to modify it into something useful.

Details on the hacks at the DINSync site.

10 Cool Electronic Music Instruments Under $100

Looking for a gift for an electronic musician – or maybe a cool new toy for your music laboratory?

Here are 10 electronic music instruments under $100 to check out:

10 Cool Electronic Music Instruments Under $100

bliptronic-5000-cheap-tenori-onThe Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer looks like it could be the offspring of a Yamaha Tenori On crossed with a 25-year old Casiotone.

Like the Tenori On, the Bliptronic 5000 is a matrix synth, featuring an 8 x 8 matrix of buttons that act as switches to control what notes get played.

Like a Casiotone, the Bliptronic has cheestastic sounds.

You can get one for $49.99 at Think Geek.

gakken-sx-150-analog-synthesizer-kitThe Gakken SX-150 Analog Synthesizer is a $54.95 kit that lets you build a simple synthesizer. It features controls for LFO, pitch envelope, frequency cutoff, resonance, and attack/decay

It’s a cool little synth, but what makes it really cool is that it’s become popular with hackers, who’ve figured out how to add MIDI to the SX-150 and more.

You can get the SX-150 at MakerShed. Continue reading

Wee Theremin Sized For Barbie, But Is Actually Playable

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This “wee theremin”, the Gakken Theremin, is sized for a Barbie doll, but Ken Moore proves that it’s actually “playable”.

via kenmoore:

For my wife’s baby shower our friends Sarah and Mika got us a tiny Gakken Theremin so we can get our girl a head start as the next Theremin virtuosa. It’s a fun but very sensitive instrument, and since Sidney can’t even get her hand in her mouth yet I’ll wait a few more months before starting her lessons. THANKS SARAH AND MIKA!