GarageBand ’11 First Look

Apple today introduced an update to its suite of personal media tools, iLife ’11.

Included in iLife ’11 is GarageBand ’11. Here are the highlights:

GarageBand ’11

  • Flex time – lets you stretch or shorten recorded audio, interactively.
  • Groove  Matching – “a spell checker for bad rhythm” – select one track and the rhythm of other tracks is aligned to it.
  • More guitar amps and effects
  • New piano & guitar tutorials
  • “How did I play” tool that injects a bit of Guitar Hero fun into practicing

Interesting fact: Steve Jobs noted that GarageBand now has 5 million users, making it the most popular DAW, by far.

If you’re a GarageBand user, leave a comment with your thoughts on the update! Continue reading