GarageBand To Be Free On New iOS Devices

garageband-free-iosGarageband for iOS, Apple’s mobile DAW, will be free on new devices, according to Apple tech site MacRumors.

GarageBand will become a free basic download for all iOS 7 purchased on or after Sept 1st, joining the five other iLife and iWork apps that became free with the release of iOS 7.

Here’s the (leaked) blurb from Apple’s site:

GarageBand is free on the App Store for all iOS 7 compatible devices; additional GarageBand instruments and sounds are available with an in-app purchase. iPhoto, iMovie, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are free on the App Store for qualifying iOS 7 compatible devices activated on or after September 1, 2013.

No official announcement has been made on this. Apple is holding a special event tomorrow, so expect additional information then.

Garageband Wireless Controller App Updated

gbremote-garageband-remoteHarmony Systems has released an major update to its remote control app for Garageband, gbRemote 2.0.

Here’s what’s new in version 2.0.0:

  • Real time bar-beat display added
  • Set playhead position by tapping on the bar-beat display
  • Adjust current track volume
  • Tempo displayed
  • Adjust tempo by tapping on the tempo display
  • Set start and end points for cycle
  • Mute and solo control for each track now on main screen
  • Layouts optimized for 3.5 and 4 inch display devices
  • Supports iOS 7

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Apple Supports AudioBus In GarageBand For iOS

Garageband iPhoneApple today threw its weight behind  AudioBus, releasing an update to GarageBand that supports the tool for routing audio between applications.

Here’s what’s new in Garageband for iOS 1.4:

  • Play and record music apps supported by Audiobus directly into GarageBand
  • Turn off grid snapping to get finer control over region and note editing
  • Fixes an issue that resulted in feedback while connecting 3rd-party audio accessories into the headphone/microphone jack

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GarageBand For iOS Adds Background Recording

Apple has released an update to GarageBand for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in GarageBand 1.3:

  • Create custom ringtones and alerts for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch*
  • Import songs from the Music library on your iOS device
  • Play or record with GarageBand in the background while using other apps**
  • Addresses a number of minor issues related to overall performance and stability

* Requires iOS 6 or later
** Requires iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later

If you’ve tried out the new background recording feature – let us know how it works for you!

GarageBand is $4.99 in the App Store.

Is The iPhone 5 Now The Only Real Option For Handheld Music Making?

The biggest technology news this week, at least in terms of the coverage we’ve seen at sites like TechMeme, has been Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5.

We haven’t posted anything on it yet at Synthtopia, because the new iPhone is an evolutionary refinement of an already capable device, rather than something that brings radically new possibilities to musicians.

A post at Palm Sounds, a blog that focuses on mobile music making, made us take another look at the new device. It suggests that, while Apple has made the new iPhone incrementally better, Android and Windows alternatives seem to be going nowhere as music devices:

There is no way now to easily step off the Apple machine if you’re into mobile music. It’s where all the great apps are, and I can’t see that changing for quite a while now.

So I decided that as I have no real choice but to stick with iOS, I may as well go for a new iPhone 5.

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The Standuino fraAngelico Arduino Synthesizer

The Standuino fraAngelico is an 8-bit PWM digital synth, built on the Arduino platform.

It does not use any D/A convertor, but the sound is generated by \ one digital output pin using Pulse Width Modulation. Resolution of this technique to achieve different voltage levels is 8-bit, but in the true essence the output form the synth is just 1-bit because the output pin does jus 1 or 0 which makes distinctive digital character to its sound.

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Apple Buys Redmatica – Are Better Sampling Tools Coming To Logic & GarageBand?

apple buys redmatica softwareApple has bought Italian audio software company Redmatica, creator of sample management tools, according to reports.

Apple hasn’t released an official announcement on the acquisition and probably won’t.

Redmatica makes several sample management tools, including:

  • Keymap Pro – a sampled instruments editor for EXS24, Kontakt3 and 4, Structure and Reason NNXT formats.
  • AutoSampler – an app that lets you automatically created sampled instruments from MIDI synths.
  • ProManager – a sample library management tool.
  • GBSamplerManager –  a Mac application for managing, creating and editing instruments for the Sampler Instrument in GarageBand for iPad and iPhone.

Apple rarely makes acquisitions, which raises the question: Why are they interested in Redmatica? Will they be bring better sampling tools to Logic Pro and GarageBand? Or will they just kill off Redmatica’s support for competing sampled instrument formats?

Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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