Korg Monotribe System Update Adds CV/Gate Control


Several readers let us know about an update to the firmware for the Korg Monotribe that adds CV/Gate control:

Korg Japan have released a new system firmware, version 2.11, for the Korg Monotribe that adds a mode to control the Monotribe with analog control voltage and gate signals.

In CV/Gate mode, the Monotribe receives the CV/Gate signals from a 3.5mm four-connector TRRS plug inserted into the Sync In jack. A Monotribe with the update applied supports both exponential V/Oct and linear Hz/V control voltages, as well as positive and inverted gate signals.

Turning the octave select switch while in CV/Gate mode will transpose any incoming pitch signals up and down by octaves.

Here are some videos that demonstrate the new CV/Gate mode for the Korg Monotribe: Continue reading

Side Chain The Gate In Ableton Live

YouTube Preview Image

This tutorial, via AfroDJMac,looks at side chaining the gate in Ableton Live:

Ableton Live‘s Gate effect is super useful for cutting out unwanted noises and cleaning up tracks.  Basically, the gate stays closed, preventing sound from passing through, until the volume reaches a certain threshold.  At that point the sound is allowed to pass through.  The gate then closes again when the volume drops below that threshold, silencing the audio.

By enabling the “Flip” button, you can have it behave the opposite way, only closing when the volume reaches a certain threshold.

Fortunately, the gate effect can also be sidechained to another audio signal.  So, once the other signal’s audio reaches a certain level, the gate will open.  This creates a whole world of sonic possibilities.

If you’ve got other ideas on using the gate as a creative effect, let us know!

Gestural Control Of A Serge Modular Synthesizer With The Koma Kommander

This video, by Rastko Lazic, demonstrates using two Koma Elektronic Kommander infrared motion sensors as gestural controllers for a modular synthesizer.

The Kommander is a handheld dual infrared X-Y motion controller, designed to make ‘controlling your electronic instruments intuitive and fun’.

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The Pittsburgh Modular ADSR Envelope Generator

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Pittsburgh Modular has introduced a Eurorack ADSR  – a four stage envelope generator with independently adjustable Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release stages.

Module Controls:

  • A Pot – Attack Stage Control
  • D Pot – Decy Stage Control
  • S Pot – Sustain Stage Control
  • R Pot – Release Stage Control
  • I Jack – Input Jack
  • Range Switch – Adjust the range of the stage controls.
  • O Jack – Output Jack
The Pittsburgh Modular ADSR is expected to start shipping next week. See the PM site for details.