Noatikl 3 Generative Music Composer Now Available

noatiklIntermorphic has introduced Noatikl 3, the latest version of their iOS generative music system.

Noatikl a 16 track MIDI generating system, with 120+ parameters & many included generative music templates. Sound generation is via the integral Partikl Sound Engine, a stereo sound source comprising a modular synth with Soundfont (SF2)/DLS support + live FX.

Noatikl also supports MIDI out if you want to drive external MIDI synths or samplers.

Here’s what’s new in Noatikl 3: Continue reading

Senode Graphical Music Sequencer (Sneak Preview)


Developer Sebastian Arnold today introduced Senode – a new node-based graphic music sequencer.

The basic idea of Senode is to draw your entire composition as a cyclic graph of nodes and edges. Each node can generate events, such as notes, chords, effects, or any other MIDI or OSC message.

You can now use any incoming signal or a clock to change the current position of ‘tokens’ around the graph.

There are many interaction options that let you decide the generation, direction, transformation and synchronization of the tokens. At all times, your graphical score is perfectly readable. This makes this sequencer the perfect tool for interactive performance of pre-written and generative music.

Here’s a demo: Continue reading

If There Was A Turing Test For Music Artificial Intelligence, ‘Kulitta’ Might Pass It


A key concept in the world of artificial intelligence is the Turing Test – the idea that a computer exhibits intelligence when a natural language text discussion with it becomes indistinguishable from a text discussion with a human.

That idea, introduced by computer scientist Alan Turing, has sparked the imagination of many, been a recurring topic of fiction and film (like the recent Ex Machina, above) and led to alternative Turing tests that attempt to identify intelligence in different ways, ranging from chess playing ability to problem solving to creativity.

If there was a Turing Test for musical artificial intelligence, a new music composition application, Kulitta, might pass it. Continue reading

Theometrica Generative Sound Synthesis Instrument Inspired By Acupuncture


Theometrica is a generative sound synthesis instrument inspired by acupuncture.

Created by Oscar Palou & Alexander Müller-Rakow, Theometrica is a sound interface designed to explore “the relation of ethnologic, geometric graphics and generative sound synthesis”. Continue reading

Volkswagen + Underworld Colloborate On Generative Music Driving Application

Volkswagen + Underworld have collaborated on a generative music application that creates music based on your style of driving.

Play the Road generates music via a phone app that’s connected to the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s onboard computer. The app uses the driver’s location and movements to generate music live. Continue reading