Theometrica Generative Sound Synthesis Instrument Inspired By Acupuncture


Theometrica is a generative sound synthesis instrument inspired by acupuncture.

Created by Oscar Palou & Alexander Müller-Rakow, Theometrica is a sound interface designed to explore “the relation of ethnologic, geometric graphics and generative sound synthesis”. Continue reading

Volkswagen + Underworld Colloborate On Generative Music Driving Application

Volkswagen + Underworld have collaborated on a generative music application that creates music based on your style of driving.

Play the Road generates music via a phone app that’s connected to the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s onboard computer. The app uses the driver’s location and movements to generate music live. Continue reading

Nodal Generative Sequencer Updated With New Scales & More

nodal-screenshotMonash University has announced the release of version 1.9 of its generative music software Nodal.

Nodal is a standalone generative sequencer that allows the user to create complex musical patterns based on the concept of a network of nodes (musical events), connected together by edges (transitions between events).

Here’s what’s new: Continue reading

Noatikl 2 Mobile Brings Generative + Aleatoric + Stochastic + Algorithmic Composition To iOS


Intermorphic has released Noatikl 2 Mobile – an iOS version of the generative music software.

Noatikl 2 is the evolution of the SSEYO Koan Generative Music system, used in the 90s by Brian Eno and othersl. To generate its MIDI music notes and controller information Noatikl uses generative / aleatoric / stochastic / algorithmic music techniques and parameters. These can be used to drive & control settings of favourite external synths, FX units and samplers or an integrated MIDI, Sound & FX multi-synth.

Here is a two-part video introduction to Noatikl 2 Mobile: Continue reading