Using Thalmic Labs’ Myo As a MIDI Controller

Modulus Music’s Liam Lacey was at the London 2014 Music Tech Fest hackathon recently, where he demonstrated this hack:

“For my hack I played around with Thalmic Labs Myo gesture armband device and developed software for it that turned it into a MIDI controller. I then mapped it’s MIDI messages to a set of audio loops, instruments and effects within Ableton Live to demonstrate how the device could be used as a music performance tool.”

Gestural Control With IK Multimedia’s iRing

IK Multimedia has released a series of videos that demonstrate the use of their new $25 iRing gestural controller with several iOS music applications.

The iRings work with the cameras in iOS devices to sense the position of your hands and translate gestures into control over music apps.

In the above video, iRing and the iRing FX/Controller control Loopy HD and Korg Gadget, using Audiobus, iRing FX/Controller as MIDI controller and iRing for motion-based gestures.  Continue reading

Free GECO Update Adds User-Requested Features

GECO-MIDIDeveloper Geert Bevin let us know that he’s released an update to GECO, his gestural music controller for the Leap Motion.

“Many GECO users have reached out with requests for improvements and new features,” says Bevin. “This release incorporates most of them and is available as a free update through the Airspace store.”

Highlights of this release are: Continue reading

IK Multimedia Intros $25 iRing 3D Music Controller


IK Multimedia has introduced the iRing – a $25 device that works with your iOS device to work as a motion-tracking controller for music.

iRing utilizes a wearable ring with identifiable markers & your mobile device’s front-facing camera to determine the precise positioning of the ring markers, tracking their movements and position in the 3-dimensional space in front of the device. This system provides a low-cost solution for 3D motion control.

draw_hand_xyzThe iRing controller is a lightweight, double-sided ring that the user wears between two fingers. Each ring features a linear dot pattern on one side and a triangular pattern on the other. The device camera picks up the positioning of the ring patterns and the apps convert that information into music commands for dedicated app or MIDI information, which any compatible music app can read. This lets you control up to six music parameters in your preferred music apps with one or two hands gestures. Continue reading

Geco MIDI Gesture Control For Leap Motion Review

Gestural motion control for musicians has gone from being ‘Minority Report’ fantasy to being an inexpensive reality in the last year.

The combination of the Leap Motion (about $80) and Geert Bevin’s Geco MIDI (about $10) creates a powerful gestural control system. But does gestural control, which looks cool in sci fi, deliver as a practical tool? Continue reading

Using The Leap Motion For Gestural Music Control With Geco (Tech Overview)

This video captures a tech overview by Geert Bevin of how the Leap Motion controller works and how it can be applied to music.

The discussion is from GeekOut 2013, so the emphasis is on the technology, rather than performance. Bevin notes:

I also demonstrate my Geco MIDI gesture controller application for Leap and a real stage with proper lighting. Personally I was surprised at how well it worked in that environment, even though the Leap was running in ‘robustness’ mode to compensation for the bright lights.

Here is an in depth look at Geco by Bevin: Continue reading

Sound Picking – Improvising Music With Dance

This set of videos documents Sound Picking – a project of Jonas Barsten for his master’s thesis.

Sound Picking explores joint improvisation between musicians and dancers, using the dancer’s gestures as an input into processing the music.

Here’s a performance of Sound Picking: Continue reading