Ghostwave Audio Releases Memento For AAS Ultra Analog

250_mementoGhostwave Audio has released Memento, a new patch library for AAS Ultra Analog VA-2.

This bank, which contains 100 presets, is focused on retro 80’s synth sounds.
With arps, basses, pads, leads, soundscapes, FX and more, Memento covers a lot of territory.

Here’s a demo track featuring the patches contained in the Memento library:

Memento is available for the 9.90 Euros through December 31. (11.90 euros afterwards).

via Vincent Bastiat

Ghostwave Audio Releases Synplant Soundset, Cellspace Vol.1

cellspaceGhostwave Audio has announced that Cellspace vol.1, a new soundset for Sonic Charge Synplant, is now available.

This bank is designed to be used in ambient and electronica productions, though it is also suitable for any type of electronic music. This expansion extensively uses Synplant’s lush internal reverb for added depth.

This bank contains 64 patches:

  • 1 arp.
  • 1 keyboards.
  • 2 leads.
  • 4 mallets.
  • 26 pads.
  • 7 plucked.
  • 1 sequence.
  • 2 sound effects.
  • 20 synths.

Here’s an audio demo: Continue reading

Frozen Lifeforms Soundset For DUNE

Ghostwave Audio has released Frozen Lifeforms for DUNE software synthesizer, by Synapse Audio.

The bank contains 64 patches. It was designed for EDM/ambient/chill/electronica productions and is described as ‘a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor.’

These patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them more expressive.

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