Sony Sound Forge Pro 10

sony-sound-forge-pro-10Sony has introduced Sound Forge Pro 10, the latest version of its professional digital audio production suite for Windows.

Update features include event-based editing, the élastique time stretch and pitch shift plug-in, interactive tutorials and a mastering effects bundle.

Details below.

If you’ve used Sony Sound Forge Pro 10, leave a comment with your thoughts! Continue reading

Garritan Saves Giga Technology

garritan-giga-samplerMusikmesse 2009: TASCAM, and Garritan Corporation announced the completion of the sale of technology assets relating to GigaStudio, Gigasampler, GVI, GigaPulse and all Giga products.

Gigasampler revolutionized the music industry when it was introduced in 1999 and its importance in the music world cannot be overstated. Giga products enjoy exclusive rights to Endless Wave technology, a patented system which allows large samples to be streamed directly from the hard drive with low latency. Giga became the professional’s sampler of choice for many film, game and television composers, including many high-profile musicians.

The technology looked like it was stuck in a dead-end, though, when Tascam announced it was ceasing development. Continue reading

TASCAM Kills Off GigaStudio; Ask Them To Open Source It!

TASCAM has apparently decided to kill off its GigaStudio sampler.

I haven’t seen an official announcement on this yet, but a post at Virtual Instruments Composers Forum quotes TASCAM:

“Notice:  TEAC America, Inc. will cease further development of GIGASTUDIO and GIGASTUDIO related products as of July 21, 2008.  Product sales and technical support will continue through the end of the year.”

It looks like TASCAM is getting out of the software business completely. If you check TASCAM’s site, the product category for software is completely empty, and everything Giga-related is now in the legacy software category.

My guess is that the growing popularity of the Mac, combined with solid competition, made further development of GigaStudio impossible. This is unfortunate, because it not only leaves a lot of users high and dry, but many dedicated developers, too.

Over at Create Digital Music, Peter Kirn says “Earth to Tascam: please make some kind of statement to your customers, even if it means a series of messages if the situation is evolving.” I’ll second that.

A new site, Open GigaStudio, has been created to petition TASCAM to open source GigaStudio. I’ll second that idea, too.

“Please consider making GS4 open source. The GS community is more than happy to support itself and GS developers can then at least continue to offer their products while maintaining their livlihood. GS is one of the last bastions of freedom for the user to customize and enjoy their sample content to the fullest in a world of locked samplers.” forum member “Freedom”

I’ve signed the petition, and I’d encourage readers to do the same.

Tascam GigaStudio 4

TASCAM has released GigaStudio 4., its Windows sampling workstation.

New features include the QuickSound database tool, additions to the QuickEdit interface and user interface improvements.

GigaStudio 4 features:

  • Supports 64-bit operating systems like XP64 and Windows Vista 64 (32-bit version also available).
  • Unlimited polyphony.
  • 96kHz/24-bit sample support.
  • 128 MIDI channel playback.
  • embedded GigaPulse convolution reverb.
  • iMIDI rule programming includes legato mode, round-robin, alternation, portamento, dynamic expression filters and more to add realism to sampled performances.
  • Sound Libraries from SONiVOX, Larry Seyer Digital, Project SAM, Wavelore.

GigaStudio 4 is available now with an MSRP of $599 USD. The GigaStudio 3 Orchestra to GigaStudio 4 Upgrade is $199 USD. Unveils iAcoustica Studio Multi-Sample Drum Library

iAcoustica has introduced iAcoustica Studio, a new multi-sample Universal Acoustic Drum Library.  iAcoustica Studio offers eight unique, realistic drum kits for Reason, Kontakt 2, EXS-24 and GigaStudio.

iAcoustica Studio is based on two full acoustic drum and cymbal sets and utilizes a broad range of sticks, mallets, metal brushes and wooden brushes.

Also included are hundreds of custom drum patterns covering Funk, Rock, Samba, Latin, R&B, Jazz and other genres in SMF (Standard MIDI File) format. Each pattern also features multiple variations and fills for extra versatility.

The new collection is available via electronic delivery for $44.95 USD, along with all current Bandmates products via their website. Universal format includes: Reason, Kontakt 2, EXS-24 and GigaStudio versions.

Wavestudio Intros Club Life Sample Library

Club LifeMultisampling specialists Wavescape Studio have released the Nord Modular G2 VOL. 01- Club Life sample library, which features sounds for pop, dance, trance, electro, house, hip-hop. All sampler presets have extensive modulations settings in each format: move the modwheel and the library starts to “breathe”.

The library is available in three different formats:

  • WAVESCAPE™ MULTIPAK (EXS/EXSP24, Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, Halion, RGC SFZ player, Akai Z4/8 hardware and WAV formats – ALL FORMATS IN ONE PACKAGE, 6×94=564 categorized sampler presets!) – 310MB
  • EMU EMULATORX/X2 sample pack (94 presets) – 395 MB
  • TASCAM™ GIGASTUDIO 3.0 sample pack (94 presets) – 230 MB

Each package available 24/7 via electronic delivery for 9.99 $ – digital items, “free shipping”.

Details and audio demonstration are available at the Wavescape Studio site.

Two New DVDs Help You Learn GigaStudio has released DVD Video versions of Volume I and Volume II of their Online Training Videos from the instructional series “Learn GigaStudio 3”.

These broadcast quality DVD videos feature GigaStudio 3 guru David Govett along with Larry Seyer demonstrating configuration and use of GigaStudio 3. The lessons are presented in easy to understand terms and include tips for both the novice and expert GigaStudio user. In addition to the informal question and answer type presentation, live screen shots of what David and Larry are doing on the screen are shown in great detail in an easy to follow manner.

Demos, screen shots and more information are available at their site..

The 2 DVD Videos contain the following GigaStudio 3 lessons:

  • adding and deleting dimensions
  • advanced wizard tool
  • anatomy of a gig file
  • audition
  • auditioning samples in the editor
  • basic crossfade layer
  • basic wizard tool
  • changing dimension controllers
  • convert wavepool format
  • copy and paste instruments
  • create an empty gig file
  • creating regions
  • crossfade layer
  • dsp mixer
  • editor status bar
  • enhanced file management
  • file extension
  • file open window
  • gigapulse configuration
  • graphical keyswitch region
  • hardware configuration
  • how to work faster in the gigaeditor
  • importing samples
  • instrument outputs
  • instrument regions
  • key-switch
  • keyboard
  • load status bar
  • loading and unloading instruments
  • loading recent files
  • manually mapping samples
  • map to null sample
  • mapping dimensions
  • mapping drum kit
  • midi mixer
  • mixer disk engine
  • mono and stereo samples
  • opening a gig file from the editor window
  • opening the instrument editor
  • quickedit
  • quicksound search
  • random
  • rebuilding the database
  • region window
  • region zooming
  • release trigger with tracking
  • resizeable windows
  • rewire plugin configuration
  • round robin controller
  • round robin
  • saving as gsp
  • send and return
  • smart midi processor
  • stacked instruments
  • status bar
  • switching order of dimensions
  • Synthesizer Configuration
  • tall velocity window
  • turning views on and off
  • wavefile compression
  • waveform view
  • wavepool statistics
  • ways to select
  • wizard tool

Precisionsound Releases Cembalo for Gigastudio

Precision sound cembaloPrecisionsound has introduced Cembalo, a big Harpsichord sampled in stereo with 2 velocity layers for both the notes and release notes, 241 samples in total, recorded in 24bit and dithered down with Apogee dithering to 16bit.

There are also additional Cembalo FX programs included with 67 stereo files of string clusters, ambient noises and hits.

All programs are mapped for Gigastudio and compatible with HALion & Kontakt.

The Cembalo is a Philip Jack Specken model from 1748 rebuilt by Nils Olof Berg in 1986 and recorded in the SAMI A-studio in Stockholm.

For demo song and more information, visit