GridFest Monome Meetup Set For May 6-8 In Santa Fe (Details + A Rant)

GridFest, a monome meetup, is scheduled for May 6-8, 2011 in Santa Fe, New Mexico:

In the spirit of collaboration, as it is exemplified by artistic endeavor, the monome community is once again organizing a large scale event showcasing the broad spectrum of talent of monome users.

Artists from around North America will be attending and performing in a series of concerts and workshops to be held at Corazon and Santa Fe Complex. Funding for the festival is also community based: a Kickstarter Project has been created, seeking assistance in offsetting the cost of airfare, accommodations, venue rentals and promotions.


But where the ladies at? Seriously.

Can an event like this really be “broad spectrum” without getting some women involved? The video promo makes the community look pretty homogenous.

This issue is in no way unique to GridFest. But the electronic music community is missing out, in a lot of different ways, by not getting more women involved in events like this. And this, unfortunately, is highlighted by the promo video.

Who created the most important open source DIY electronic music project of the last decade – the x0xb0x? It wasn’t a dude.

Again – I don’t mean to slight GridFest specifically, because it looks like it will be a cool event. But GridFest, and other meetups, could be that much cooler by attracting a broader audience.


See below for the schedule of events below. There will be lots of monome performers, educational opportunities galore and even a workshop on building a monome clone.

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