MIDImorphosis Converts Audio To MIDI

midimorphosisAudio MIDI Connect has transformed into MIDImorphosis – an audio-to-MIDI app for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in MIDImorphosis:

  • In this version, the speed and accuracy of pitch detection has been greatly improved.
  • MIDI output now supports multiple destinations, both CoreMIDI and Virtual MIDI, as well as DSMIDI Wifi.
  • Audiobus support has been added, for both input and output slots.
  • Audio can be imported or exported using audio copy and paste. The app supports off-line conversion of audio to MIDI, with MIDI files being available using the “open in” method, or through iTunes file sharing.
  • Pitch detection now supports polyphonic playing. A toggle button selected between monophonic, small intervals, and chords.

Here’s a demo of MIDImorphosis in action: Continue reading

JamUp Pro Update and Metal Signature Model Pack

Positive Grid, the developers of JamUp Pro XT for iOS, have announced an update to its Guitar/Bass iPad and iPhone Amp-Effect Processor.

JamUp Pro XT 2.4 features the 12 Metal Signature Model Pack — a collaboration with three ‘metal masters’: guitarists Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Ola Englund (Six Feet Under, Feared) and Keith Merrow. Continue reading