‘CONTINUUM’, For Haken Continuum Fingerboard

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance of CONTINUUMfor Haken Continuum Fingerboard played by Robert Schwimmer.

Composed by Schwimmer for the American Festival of Microtonal Music 9/20/12. The performance also features Johnny Reinhard on bassoon.

Haken Audio Updates Continuum Fingerboard

Haken Continuum controllerHaken Audio has released a firmware and software update for the Continuum Fingerboard. Version 5.01 includes additions to the programmable synthesizer in the Continuum Fingerboard, the EaganMatrix.

The EaganMatrix design was inspired by classical modular matrix patching synthesizers such as the ARP 2500 and the EMS Synthi 100. However, unlike those analog predecessors, the EaganMatrix doesn’t use pins to make patch point connections. Instead, a dynamic formulaic equation can be placed inside a selected patch point, replacing that static pin, creating a simple to amazingly complex relationship between the Continuum playing surface and the flow of sound from patch point source to destination.

The EaganMatrix is a modular digital synthesizer, allowing the user to craft their musical sound by digitally connecting audio and control modules via a patching matrix. The EaganMatrix synthesizer is internal to the Continuum Fingerboard, utilizing the Continuum’s internal DSP engine. No external hardware is required. The synthesizer is edited by using an external cross platform editing program, the Continuum Editor.

The download for version 5.01 is available in the downloads section of the Haken Audio site. Full details are available (pdf).

TouchContinuum – A New Open Source Controller Inspired By The Haken Continuum

YouTube Preview Image

Cyril Stoller demonstrates his TouchContinuum controller – an open source multitouch controller inspired by the Haken Continuum Fingerboard.

Stoller notes that this is the final release candidate version of the TouchContinuum. He’s using TouchContinuum to control his Nord Modular G2X synth over MIDI.

TouchContinuum is built on Kivy, a cross-platform framework for building apps with graphical user interfaces. So, it should be relatively easy to run this on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Android.

Stoller hopes to release TouchContinuum in the next week.

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The Haken Continuum

YouTube Preview Image

Multi-instrumentalist Peter Pringle has a new toy – a Haken Continuum Fingerboard.

Fortunately, Pringle doesn’t just collect cool toys, he uses them in very musical ways and captures his performances on video.

Here’s what he has to say about his new Haken Continuum Fingerboard: Continue reading