Line 6 Intros Amplifi FX100 iOS-enabled WiFi Effects Pedal

amplifi-fx100At Musikmesse 2014, Line 6 today introduced AMPLIFi FX100, an iOS enabled, ‘cloud-enhanced’ multi-effects pedal. It lets users wirelessly control every detail of the effect.

The AMPLIFi Remote iOS app lets users control the pedal from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch*. With the Remote app, there’s no need to navigate through tiny screens and complex menus. Users can create, share, download and rate tones with a cloud-based community of musicians. Continue reading

Creating ‘Spooky’ Effects For Halloween

YouTube Preview Image

In the latest Electro-Harmonix Effectology episode, effects guru Bill Ruppert takes a look at creating ‘spooky’ sound effects for Halloween using pedals.

While Ruppert’s series is aimed at guitarists, his approach to pedals is to basically use them like a modular synthesizer.

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Boss Intros RC300 Loop Station – Offers 3 Independent Stereo Tracks

Roland RC300 Loop Station

BOSS today announced the RC-300 Loop Station, the company’s new flagship real-time phrase loopers.


  • Three stereo tracks with dedicated footswitches and controls for each
  • Dedicated fader per track
  • Expression pedal for effects control in real time
  • Up to three hours of internal recording and 99 onboard memories
  • 16 onboard effects optimized for looping
  • XLR Microphone input with phantom power
  • USB storage; import/export WAV files

Details below.

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Paranormal Effect Pedals

YouTube Preview Image

Guitar effect guru Bill Ruppert sent word of a new video in his excellent Effectology series, Paranormal Guitar Effects:

I am writing to tell you of a new Effectology video I thought your viewers would enjoy watching.

This is the video series I do for Electro-Harmonix on how to produce “impossible” sounds using just a regular guitar and EHX effect foot pedals.

In this fun episode I explore guitar effects in the amazing world of the unknown!
Alien Bells, Poltergeist Strings, Theremin, X-Files and more.

While this may, on first glance, seem a bit off-topic for Synthtopia, Ruppert approaches effects pedals in way very similar to creating patches on modular synthesizers.

You can details on his patches at the Electro Harmonix forum.

Vermona VSR-3 & Filter Lancet Now Available

Vermona has announced that, as of now, the new VSR-3 vintage spring reverb and Filter Lancet analog desktop multimode filter are available.

  • The VSR-3 vintage spring reverb is “straightforward and solid” and adds the spring reverb sound to any input signal you feed it with.
  • The Retroverb Lancet is smaller than its predecessor, but it offers improvements, like the multimode filter, the overdrive, the versatile LFO and the envelope follower.

You can find info, downloads and sound demos at the VERMONA homepage. Authorized Vermona dealer list here.