Electro-Harmonix Lester K Stereo Rotary Speaker Demos

When Electro-Harmonix announced its new EHX ‘Lester‘ rotary speaker effect, they introduced two models:

  • The Lester G was designed with guitarists in mind, and includes a dedicated compressor that maximizes the rotary speaker effect on guitar; and
  • The Lester K is tailored to the needs of keyboardists looking for Leslie-style rotary speaker effects.

Their original demos were all with guitar, though. Now they’ve followed up with a pair of videos that put the Lester K through its paces, with keyboard. Continue reading

Black Cat Intros Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack Module

monster-k-fuzz-euro-moduleBlack Cat Pedals has introduced the Monster K-Fuzz Eurorack synthesizer.

The Monster K-Fuzz module processes audio input signals through a modified vintage fuzz circuit to create an array of harmonically complex tones and textures. Unlike vintage fuzz circuits, though, the Monster K-Fuzz module has been adapted and optimized specifically for use with modular synthesizers.

The Monster K-Fuzz module features variable controls for Saturation and Frequency, 3-position selector switches for Clipping and Voicing, and two separate Voltage Control Inputs.

Here’s a demo of the Monster K-Fuzz module in action: Continue reading