A Video Guide To The Misa NSC-32 Note Sequence Controller

Misa Digital recently introduced the NSC-32 Note Sequence Controller (NCS), ‘a new type of electronic musical instrument’ designed to let you manipulate and cue electronic music sequences live.

Now they’ve shared a series of videos that takes an in-depth look at what the NCS-32 can do and offers a comprehensive guide to using the new Note Sequence Controller:

The Misa NCS-32 is available now for US $1,299. See the Misa site for more info.

The Best New Hardware Sequencers Of 2015


Best of 2015:  Other years have seen the introduction of great synthesizers of all types. But 2015 brought a treasure trove of new hardware sequencers, the likes that we have never seen.

We asked Synthtopia readers to vote on The Best New Hardware Sequencers Of 2015, and you picked the Arturia Beatstep Pro as the best new hardware sequencer of the year. The Beatstep Pro offers impressive MIDI and CV connectivity, power & immediacy, at an unprecedented price.

But the Beatstep Pro was one of many great hardware sequencers introduced in the last year. Readers voted the Squarp Instruments Pyramid sequencer into second place, followed by the huge and powerful KOMA Komplex Sequencer.

Check out results below – and then leave a comment and share your thoughts on the state of hardware sequencers! Continue reading

Social Entropy Intros Engine Multitrack Sequencer


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Social Entropy introduced Engine, a new hardware sequencer for pattern-based music composition and performance.

Social Entropy is known for their drop-in CPU mods that bring updated sequencing capabilities to the Roland 303 bassline synthesizer and the Roland 606 drum machine.

Engine is multitrack hardware sequencer, that builds on their experience with 303/606 sequencing, and is designed for creating both melodic and percussion patterns in a compact tabletop unit.

Here’s a video overview from the NAMM Show floor by designer John Kimble. Continue reading

M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro Combines Drum Pad Control & Hardware Step Sequencing


At the 2014 NAMM Show, M-Audio introduced the Trigger Finger Pro, an advanced performance pad controller with onboard sequencing and software integration.

Trigger Finger Pro is a portable, 16-pad (4×4 configured) instrument with onboard sequencing. The Trigger Finger Pro draws from its predecessor’s performance pad roots, but features significantly improved hardware design and additional features.

The Trigger Finger Pro comes with Arsenal – a virtual drum machine app that can be used within your DAW or standalone. Along with AIR Drums and Hybrid 3 plug-ins, Trigger Finger Pro includes 8 GB of ready-to-play sounds, loops, one-shots with content from Black Anomaly, Prime Loops, Toolroom Records, and more.

It also offers an onboard step sequencer and hardware MIDI out, so you can use the Trigger Finger Pro to sequence hardware synths in sync with software beats.   Continue reading

The RP Electronics SEQ12 Matrix Sequencer

The RP Electronics SEQ12 is a hardware sequencer for MIDI Data.


  • A streamlined User interface, powered by 219 illuminated Buttons
  • 12 Tracks, each playing one of 16 Sequences
  • Tracks can be monophonic, polyphonic or special drum mode
  • Special Views for Notes, Chords, Modulations, Velocities, Accents, Drums, Shuffle etc.
  • Free chains of Sequences, organised in 8 Parts of a Song
  • 2 free Controllers and Shufflepattern per Track and Sequence
  • 3 Outputs, 1 Input – connect a MIDI keyboard or Controller for realtime recording
  • 32 Songs storage in internal Memory, SYSEX backups
  • Everything is visible and editable while running the Machine

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