The President Of North Korea Shows Off His Awesome Modular Synthesizer

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The President Of North Korea, doing his best to look like synthesist and sound designer Richard Devine, shows off his awesome modular synth and indulges in the decadences of Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8.

Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8 not only has the longest name ever for a synth meet up, but they apparently have to make it two days long so people can recover from the first day.

If you made it to Trash Audio & Xart Synth Meet 8 and made it back without getting dry-humped by a beast, leave a comment with your secrets.

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A Day In The Life Of Alessandro Cortini

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This video, via Trash_Audio, offers a video look at a day in the life of Alessandro Cortini.

It’s also a monster slice of synth porn and the best ad for Buchla synths that Don Buchla could hope for.

Looks like Cortini leads a pretty sweet life – except for all those cats, of course. Continue reading

Using The Malgorithm As A VCO With Silent Way

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The Malgorithm module can self-oscillate and serve as a VCO. However, it has a non-linear voltage-to-pitch response.

This video demonstrates using Expert Sleepers Silent Way‘s calibration to let the Malogrithm be used in a controlled fashion.

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100 Ways To Make Noise And Avoid Meeting Women

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Here’s 2:53 seconds of glorious, HD synth action, taken at the recent Trash_Audio Synth Meet 3, held Sunday, Aug 16th:

Surachai notes:

We saw the entire range, from noise boxes to full on modular systems in plenty of different formats. If it makes noise, we’re into it.

It looks like the event was a great synth meetup. Continue reading

Online Modular Synthesizer Planner


Stefan Breitenfeld has updated his online modular synthesizer planner:

The all-new Modular Planner v1.1, which is a complete redesign of the (ancient?) original version, is now finally available. The most important changes are:

  • new design & improved usability (at least I hope so)
  • forum included
  • mostly MSIE-compatible
  • Google maps with dealer and manufacturer locations (to be extended, make suggestions!)
  • first multi-manifacturer version (thanks to all of you for your support)
  • exchange rates loaded directly from ECB
  • atch drawing engine (beta).

The planner should make it easier than ever to make your plans for world synth domination.

Breitenfeld adds, “Enjoy it and feel free to link to it, report bugs and module updates, contribute images, patches & experience and make suggestions for further improvements!”

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