Hollow Sun Intros Tubelitzer Electric Piano Library For Kontakt

Hollow Sun has introduced Tubelitzer, a new Native Instruments Kontakt virtual instrument based on the valve/tube-based Wurlitzer 120 electric piano.

Here’s what they have to say about Tubelitzer:

The mechanical principles with Wurlitzer electric pianos are pretty much the same between models (and very similar to Rhodes pianos – a hammer striking a tuned ‘tine’ … and it is said that Harold Rhodes actually advised Wurlitzer’s deisgner/engineer, Ben Meissner, how to achieve stability with the tines) but the difference between the early models and the EP200A we are more familiar with is that up until the early 60s, the internal circuitry was tube/valve-based giving a mellower, warmer sound and doesn’t ‘bark’ as aggressively as the later models.

The 120 we have here is such a model. Each note has been painstakingly sampled chromatically by Hollow Sun friend, Christohopher Reis, who owns the orginal 120, with up to 27 velocity layers per note and release samples. A mammoth task on which Christopher has acquitted himself more than admirably. All samples are full length with no loops so you hear the actual sound of the original instrument ‘breathing’, warts, blemishes, grunts and all!

You can get details and an audio demo of Tubelitzer at the Hollow Sun site.

New Steampunk Synthesizer Collection – Music Laboratory Machines

Steampunk synthesizer collection - Music Laboratory Machines

Hollow Sun has introduced a new bundle of steampunk software synthesizers, Music Laboratory Machines – ‘the sounds of a past future’. 


  • 48kHz/24-bit
  • Advanced Retro Synthesis Engines
  • All ten Music Laboratory Machines in one bundle
  • Discount on bundle price
  • Varied range of unusual and unique sound generators
  • Samples from vintage equipment and valve gear
  • Unique GUIs

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Hollow Sun TriOSC For Kontakt Designed For Vintage Radiophonic Sounds

Hollow Sun has released TriOsc, a new sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt:

Styled on equipment retrieved from an ancient, disused rocket launch control centre, TriOsc features three oscillators with samples of valve sine and triangle waveforms taken from a rack of vintage test equipment to create dense clusters of retro sci-fi electronica.

Unique to TriOsc, is the ‘SERENDIPITY’ button (labelled ‘?’). Clicking this button generates new patches and sounds randomly designed to ‘evoke the spirit and electronic tonalities of the early Radiophonic Workshop’, ‘Forbidden Planet’ and other classic sci-fi movies, Morton Subotnick, Tristram Cary and other early electronic music pioneers. The randomly generated sounds can then be tweaked and shaped to your own particular needs.

According to Hollow Sun, TriOSC’s greatest strength is ‘the random creation of abstract electronic sounds which could have come from crusty analogue sound generators of yesteryear.’

It’s available now for $8. Audio demo and details below. Continue reading

Hollow Sun Intros Oscillosine – ‘The Sound Of A Past Future’

Hollow Sun has introduced Oscillosine, a new virtual instrument based on the sound of a vintage tube Hewlett Packard sine wave test oscillator, estimated to date back to the 50s or 60s, maybe earlier.

Oscillosine uses Kontakt’s modular synthesis facilities to create a compact sonic laboratory machine. According to Hollow Sun, Oscillosine is capable of producing sci-fi and vintage electronica blips and bleeps and klings and klangs and drones and squeals as well as smooth pads, solid sub-basses, mellow leadlines, etc., suitable for more modern musical genres.

The user interface is modezled on an old Tektronics oscilloscope. Audio demos are available at the Hollow Sun site.

What does it sound like?

Hollow Sun says:

With careful settings, it’s possible to create pseudo-arpeggios and sequences but otherwise, it’s possible to create sounds that could have come from a VCS3 or Buchla or from the soundtrack of the 50’s movie, ‘Forbidden Planet’ … warm, organic and temperental and unpredictable sounds.

There are also ring mod and FM functions to create discordant sounds which can be modulated and mangled by the multi-wave LFO and so on. The possibilities are almost endless.

Audio demos are available at the Hollow Sun site.

Note: Hollow Sun recommends, for safety reasons, that you wear a white lab coat when operating Oscillosine.

Pricing and availability for Oscillosine are to be announced.

Hammond Novachord, The First Synthesizer, Now Available As A Virtual Instrument


Hollow Sun has introduced Novachordthe first and only soundset from the legendary Hammond Novachord:

Using divide-down oscillators (the world’s first?), the Novachord was fully polyphonic. These pass through resonators, hi-and lo-pass filters and a simple but effective envelope shaper. What is particularly impressive is that the Novachord had LFOs and envelope shapers for every one of its 72-notes so that the instrument was TOTALLY polyphonic!

This is actually very impressive as even string synths 40 years its junior such as the ARP Omni, Moog PolyMoog, etc., were paraphonic – i.e. all voices sharing a single LFO/envelope. This means that combined with the huge polyphony, six octaves and a superb sustain control, you can combine massive chords and arpeggios with no chance of note stealing. The electronic architecture that makes this possible is beautifully elegant too.

It also has vibrato but not like the type found on analogue synths – instead, the modulation is polyphonic which imparts a rich ensemble effect to its sounds.

Hollow Sun sampled one of the few remaining Novachords. See the site for demos – they sound amazing, especially when you consider that they are from a 70 year old synthesizer.

Novachord is available for Kontakt 3 for $160.

Free BassStation Sound Pack

bass-stationFree Music Software: Hollow Sun (the sound developers that are working on the Hammond Novachord sample library)  have released a free sound pack that features bass synth samples from the Novation Bass Station:

What’s on offer here are 30 excellent synth bass sounds that cover a wide range of genres, uses and applications and which Dan has looped and programmed to perfection. Nothing fancy – just 30 solid synth bass sounds that sit nicely in a track.

But they cover the full keyboard range from C1-C7 and are therefore equally as useful as fruity analogue polysynth sounds and lead lines and the raw samples are open to much abuse by the more adventurous amongst you.

And in keeping with the Hollow Sun ethos, all the sounds have been carefully optimised by Dan to have minimum impact on RAM and disk storage and CPU strain making them fast and efficient.

The Bass Station Freepack is available now in Alesis Fusion, Akai S5000/S6000 and Kontakt 3 formats.