Usine Hollyhock Preview – A New Modular Audio Environment For Mac & Windows

Sensomusic has announced Usine Hollyhock, a new modular audio environment for Mac & Windows.

Hollyhock is built on the foundation of Sensomusic’s Usine, but it has been totally rewritten, with a new audio engine, new interface, new MIDI management and more. It’s under development and due for release in early 2013.

Key Features:

  • New interface
  • Rack – audio, MIDI in/out, and data devices (cameras, joysticks, WIIMote) are now panels/objects in Hollyhock
  • Drag & drop device routing
  • A device is also a patch (use double click), so you can add, for example, a midi chanel filter for a midi input device or a specific effect for an audio output device.
  • New record option – Lets you records individually, values, position or movement for all visible design modules. You can quantize this recording.
  • New physics engine
  • Support for VST & AU plugins
  • Video support
  • Interface customization
  • Module improvements

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