One Ring To Rule Them All: Hot Hand Wirelessly Controls MIDI

Source Audio have released the Hot Hand USB Wireless MIDI Controller, a wireless (duh) motion-sensing ring and USB stick receiver.

The Hot Hand USB is gives the musician a new method of dynamic control of DAWs or in live-performance software like Ableton Live, Traktor, Reason, Serato DJ, and Logic/MainStage. It bypasses the knobs and faders of the traditional controller, allowing users to manipulate software parameters, on three axes, with wireless motion control. The Hot Hand also integrates with DAW controllers like Ableton Push, Livid Instruments’ Base, or Native Instruments’ Traktor Kontrol S2/S4.

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Hot Hand MIDI-EXP Lets You Control MIDI With A Wave Of The Hand

At the NAMM Show 2012The Hot Hand MIDI-EXP controller is generating lots of interest at the show this week.

“The Hot Hand MIDI-EXP allows users to control software parameters with a wave of the hand,” said Jeff McAlack of Source Audio, who make the MIDI-EXP. “This used to be a limited edition pedal for us, but recently, after the release of a video by Pinn Panelle which showcased the technology, we’ve really started selling to DJ’s and other electronic musicians, so we’ve decided to put the pedal into full production.”

The MIDI-EXP takes all of the expressive potential of the Hot Hand sensor and enables use with third-party effects, hardware, and software by converting the Hot Hand signals directly to MIDI and a flexible expression output.

With the MIDI-EXP, users can select from multiple MIDI message types, including continuous controllers, pitch wheel, aftertouch, note on/off message, etc. Other controls fine tune the sensor signals to create the desired response with controls like depth, smoothing, inversion and axis select. A useful Ramp Trigger mode lets the user set a threshold and when that threshold is crossed by the sensor signal, it will generate a ramp in the output.

The retooled and updated MIDI-EXP will be available in Spring or early Summer 2012.

Live Dubstep Peformance – Pinn Panelle

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Pinn Panelle does a great job of translating heavily produced dubstep into live performance, with their take on Skrillex’s Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites.

The band describes the video as a performance demonstrating “how to replicate an electronic artist’s music on live instruments. There are no sequences, or backing tracks playing behind the band. All wobbles are live.” Continue reading

Source Audio Shiping Soundblox Pedals

Hot Hand effects

2008 Summer NAMM Show: Source Audio is shipping its new line of Soundblox effects pedals. Source Audio will also provide a free Hot Hand wired sensor pack with the Soundblox Wah, Phaser and Flanger while supplies last.

Based on the Hot Hand Wah Filter and Hot Hand Phaser/Flanger effects systems, the new Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah, Tri-Mod Flanger and Tri-Mod Phaser pedals each offer 11 different effects that feature the same high quality sounds as their predecessors. The effects on these products can be modulated by either a Hot Hand motion sensor, an LFO or an Envelope Follower.

All Soundblox effects feature 56-bit DSP co-developed with Analog Devices and 24-bit A/D D/A converters.

MSRP for the Soundblox pedals is $149.99.
MSRP for the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter & Controller is $150.
MSRP for the Hot Hand Wired Controller is $24.95

Soundblox Motion-Controlled Distortion, Flanger, Phaser, & Wah Guitar Pedals

Hot Hand effects

Source Audio plans to introduce its new Soundblox effects pedals at this year’s Winter NAMM Show.

After creating the first effects system enabling guitarists to control proprietary Wah and Phaser/Flanger effects using hand and body motions, Source Audio was committed to bringing the same level of innovation and creativity to the new Soundblox effects pedals. The effects can be modulated with the Hot Hand Controller, available separately in either wireless or wired configurations, or driven either by an LFO or Envelope Follower.

We had a chance to check out the Hot Hand controller at last year’s NAMM show, and it’s pretty cool. They’re marketing this for guitarists, but these would be worth checking out for synths, too. Continue reading

Cool Wireless Motion-Controlled Effects System Now Shipping

Hot HandSource Audio is now shipping the Hot Hand Wireless Motion-Controlled Guitar Effects System.

Compatible with all Hot Hand systems, the Hot Hand Wireless Adapter can be used as a alternative to the wired sensor and consists of a wireless motion sensor ring unit and a small receiver that plugs directly into the back of the Hot Hand effects console in the “Sensor In” port.

The RF transmitter is capable of transmitting over 100 feet and up to four units can be used on stage at a time without interfering with each other. In addition, the transmitter utilizes state of the art frequency-hopping technology to constantly seek out free radio spectrum even in the noisiest environments. Licensed for worldwide wireless use, the wireless motion sensor ring features a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of battery life and recharges in one hour.

Hot Hand is the only effects system allowing musicians to use hand and body motion to control key functions such as Speed and Depth in tandem with the company’s two proprietary motion-controlled Hot Hand products: the Wah Filters and the Phaser/Flanger effects consoles. Both products offer an expression output port, which allows the Hot Hand to control effects with expression input ports. Continue reading