Modulations Documentary Looks At The Evolution Of Electronic Music

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Modulations is a feature-length documentary that traces the evolution of electronic music as one of the most profound artistic developments of the 20th century.

By cutting back and forth between avant garde composers, Kraftwerk’s innovative synthesizer drones, Giorgio Moroder’s glacial Euro-disco, Afrika Bambaataa’s electro-funk and Prodigy’s current worldwide superstarstardom, Modulations ‘celebrates the nomadic drift of the post-human techno sound’.

via CulturesofResistance, RonniePries

Save 10% On Sonic Faction’s Instruments, Including The Hatchet For Live

the hatchet

Sonic Faction has introduced The Hatchet, a new virtual analog instrument for Ableton Live.

At the Hatchet’s core is the legendary Arp Axxe synthesizer which has been multi-sampled and re-programmed in Live.

Here’s what they have to say about The Hatchet:

The Hatchet is “a truly rich and warm sounding analog instrument that will take you back to the days of retro-synth bliss.  On the surface, this synth is capable of blistering leads, smooth solos, wicked bass lines and cascading arpeggios – The Hatchet stays true to the original instrument’s parameters and capabilities.

But dig deeper and you will find a flexible and ever-changing wonder-synth that is full of sonic surprises.  Sonic Faction has upped the ante by adding a whole rack of distortion FX as well as reverb, delay, psuedo-side chaining, resonator and more.”

The Hatchet also comes with a custom made step sequencer for the Novation Launchpad.

Sonic Faction is offering a 10% discount code, through the end of April, on The Hatchet, and all their instruments. Use discount code: 04synthtopia.

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Live Techno Rig In A Suitcase

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Naster of Razor & Blade fits his entire live PA into an ordinary suitcase., for maximum laptop-free hands-on tweakability.

Here’s what he travels with:

  • Moog Slim Phatty
  • MF-107 FreqBox
  • MF-105M MIDI MuRF
  • MF-103 12 Stage Phaser
  • Akai MPC 500
  • Korg Electribe ES-1
  • Future Retro Orb
  • WMD Geiger Counter

If you happen to travel with a suitcase rig like this, let us know what you do to avoid getting singled out for extra loving from the TSA.

via MoogMusicInc

Elektron Octatrack Tutorials Explain The Things The Official Videos Don’t

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The official intro video for the Elektron Octatrack was epic, but short on details about how the performance sampler actually works.

Unofficial videos are filling in the details, though.

This pair of videos, via Catabolicdj, takes a look at working with the Slice function:

Here’s a turbo-start to using one of the most powerful (and fun) aspects of the Octatrack, the slice function. This video is for those who are looking to get started on the Octatrack as opposed to established users. The Octatrack is quick to work with once you get a few basic ideas nailed down. After watching you should be slicing within minutes. HD video available so you can get a detailed look at the screen.

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iPad Synthesizer Workstation Xenon Demo

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iPad Music Software: This is a demo of  Xenon on iPad, an app that turns an iPad into a groovebox-style synth workstation.

via ArtemiyPavlov:

My second experiment with the Xenon groovebox on the iPad. I am using all four synths with my custom sounds, plus the drum pads. Once again, highly recommend this app (it’s universal, so the same app also runs on iPhone and iPod touch).

Remix deadmau5 & You Could Open For Him

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Deadmau5 & Beatport have announced a new remix challenge:

Deadmau5 is looking for the ultimate jack of all trades to remix his unreleased hit ”SOFI Needs A Ladder.” His favorite remix will not only be included on mau5trap’s official “SOFI Needs A Ladder” release, but the winning remixer will also be booked for an opening slot for the mau5 himself at one of his sought-out live appearances.

Starting September 21st, 2010, Beatport users are able to download the remix parts of Deadmau5 ”SOFI Needs A Ladder,” remix it, and upload their finished track to Beatportal for the voting round.

From the submitted mixes Deadmau5 will select his favorite DJ to receive the grand prize pack:

  • The winning remix included on mau5trap’s official release of ”SOFI Needs A Ladder”
  • The selected winning artist will also be booked for an opening performance slot during one of mau5’s critically acclaimed live appearances.
  • $250 Beatport pre-paid card
  • Beatport swag pack including t-shirts and Beatport bag
  • 1 Vmoda Crossfade LP headphone

See the beatportal site for details.