iConnectivity Announces iConnect Audio 4+ Audio/MIDI Interface


At the 2014 NAMM ShowiConnectivity announced iConnectAUDIO4+, their newest audio and MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS.

iConnectAUDIO4+ is a multi-host audio and MIDI interface for MAC, PC, and iOS that combines several of iConnectivity’s technologies in a single device. Continue reading

iConnectMIDI 2+ An Actual Game Changer

In the latest episode of Sonic Touch, Gaz Williams and Nick Batt take a look at the new iConnectivity iConnectMIDI 2+.

The iConnectMIDI 2+ may be a little awkwardly named, but it offers some very interesting features – including Audio PassThrough, which lets you digitally send the audio from your iPad directly into your computer DAW.

And, at least according to Batt & Williams, the iConnectMIDI 2+ is an actual ‘game changer’. Continue reading

The iConnectMIDI2+ 2×2 MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS

iConnectivity has released a pair of new videos that demonstrate the capabilities of their iConnectMIDI2+ 2×2 MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS.

The iConnectMIDI2+ offers advanced features for a MIDI interface, including support for two computer devices simultaneously – Macs, PCs, and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch); and its Audio passThru technology, which routes audio between device digitally, with zero signal degradation.

The video above offers a brief intro to the iConnectivity iConnectMIDI2+ and its Audio passThru technology.  Continue reading

iConnectivity Intros Free iConfig App

iconnectivity-iconfigiConnectivity has released iConfig, a free companion app for iConnectivity’s MIDI interfaces.

iConnectivity iConfig provides access to some sophisticated MIDI features in the iConnectivity MIDI interface connected to your system, as well as the audio settings. It allows you to save and open complete routing and processing Snapshot files that make working with sophisticated systems very simple. You can name inputs, route MIDI selectively, and process MIDI in various ways.

It’s compatible with iOS devices running iOS 5 or later.

iConfig is available as a free download from the App Store.

iConnectMIDI2+ Makes Recording iPad Apps Simple


At the 2013 NAMM Show, iConnectivity introduced the iConnectMIDI 2+ – a new MIDI interface that makes recording iPad apps simple.

The device has two sets of DIN MIDI IN + Out jacks and support for USB and iOS MIDI devices.

In addition, though, it offers Audio Pass-Through, which lets you route the audio output of one device to another. This lets you do things like record your iPad directly in your DAW, with no audio interface required.

Here are the details: Continue reading

New iConnectMIDI4+ Lets You Use Your iPad As A Tangible VST


At the 2013 NAMM Show, iConnectivity introduced the iConnectMIDI4+ – an advanced MIDI interface that lets you connect hardware, software and iOS MIDI devices alike.

I had a chance to talk with iConnectivity founder Michael Loh about the new interface, and it’s a big advance over their original MIDI interface. We reviewed the original iConnectMIDI last year and came away impressed.

The new iConnectMIDI4+ is even more powerful, offering four pairs of MIDI IN/Out and support for 8 more MIDI devices via USB. The new interface now can also charge your iDevices as you use them.

And it supports Audio Pass-Through – which lets you do things like route the audio out of your iPad directly into your computer’s DAW. This effectively turns your iPad and its music apps into a tangible VST.

For example, you could use your DAW to sequence an iPad app via MIDI and the iConnectMIDI4+ interface  and record the output of your app on the iPad directly in your DAW, with no need for an audio interface.

We’re looking forward to checking this out. Here are the details: Continue reading

New iConnectMIDI4+ Actually Makes MIDI Interfaces Cool


At the 2013 NAMM Show, iConnectivity is introducing a ‘next generation’ MIDI interface for MAC, PC, and iOS, the iConnectMIDI4+.

MIDI interfaces aren’t the most exciting part of an electronic music studio – but iConnectivity has actually managed to make MIDI interfaces cool.

Check out some of the features on the iConnectMIDI4+:

  • It bridges platforms – iConnectMIDI4+ is a multi-host MIDI interface for Mac, PC, and iOS that bridges MIDI and audio between multiple computing devices, instruments, and the network:
  • ConnectMIDI4+’s multi-hosting capability allows for up to 3 computing devices to share the same interface as well as access and share MIDI resources over its 4 pairs of MIDI DINs and its 60 additional user configurable ports.
  • Audio pass-through enables multiple computing devices (Mac, PC, and iOS) to not only pass MIDI data but also act as an audio interface between them.
  • USB MIDI Support lets you connect up to 8 USB MIDI synths, drum machines, controllers, etc. And it charges your iOS device.
  • iConnectMIDI4+ also has an Ethernet port, so you can connect iConnectMIDI4+ to a wireless router, Ethernet hub/router, or any Ethernet enabled device. It is network discoverable, allowing for musicians to control any of the devices connected to iConnectMIDI4+ over a network connection via MIDI.

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The iConnectMIDI Interface Is Like The Rosetta Stone Of MIDI

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI

MIDI is almost 30 years old. In the years since it was introduced, it’s become one of the most important standards in musical instruments and software.

For the first two decades of MIDI’s existence, you could connect just about any two MIDI-compatible devices together. With a couple of DIN MIDI cables, you could connect keyboards, synth modules, effects, controllers and computers with MIDI interfaces.

More recently, though, connecting MIDI devices has gotten more complicated. Manufacturers have switched to USB cables on keyboards and MIDI controllers. And the explosion of iOS music applications means that musicians now want to connect MIDI devices to iPhones and iPads, which use a proprietary 30-pin connector.

What do you do if you want to use an iPad sequencer to run your hardware gear? Or you want to use your computer to sequence hardware synths — and also iOS apps? Or you want to use your USB MIDI controller to play your old-school synth module?

These are the sort of situations that iConnectivity’s iConnectMIDI was designed to solve.

The iConnectMIDI is a MIDI interface that’s like the Rosetta Stone of MIDI. It not only has the physical ports to connect computer, iOS devices, USB controllers and old-school MIDI devices together, it has the power to do it intelligently.

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