The iConnectMIDI Interface Is Like The Rosetta Stone Of MIDI

iConnectivity iConnectMIDI

MIDI is almost 30 years old. In the years since it was introduced, it’s become one of the most important standards in musical instruments and software.

For the first two decades of MIDI’s existence, you could connect just about any two MIDI-compatible devices together. With a couple of DIN MIDI cables, you could connect keyboards, synth modules, effects, controllers and computers with MIDI interfaces.

More recently, though, connecting MIDI devices has gotten more complicated. Manufacturers have switched to USB cables on keyboards and MIDI controllers. And the explosion of iOS music applications means that musicians now want to connect MIDI devices to iPhones and iPads, which use a proprietary 30-pin connector.

What do you do if you want to use an iPad sequencer to run your hardware gear? Or you want to use your computer to sequence hardware synths — and also iOS apps? Or you want to use your USB MIDI controller to play your old-school synth module?

These are the sort of situations that iConnectivity’s iConnectMIDI was designed to solve.

The iConnectMIDI is a MIDI interface that’s like the Rosetta Stone of MIDI. It not only has the physical ports to connect computer, iOS devices, USB controllers and old-school MIDI devices together, it has the power to do it intelligently.

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iConnectMIDI – What It Does And How It Works

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Here are a few videos from the 2011 Winter NAMM Show that gives an overview of what the new iConnectMIDI does – and captures an impromptu jam session.

iConnectivity’s iConnectMIDI is high-speed MIDI interface, designed specifically to have plug and play capability between any MIDI controller type device while connected to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch iOS devices.

“We wanted to be the first to open the door to the otherwise closed system to get your music out of the iPad.” says iConnectivity CEO Michael Loh. “We want to engage developers to think even more broadly about what their applications can do in the future, the exponentially growing number of music apps is exciting. That being said we had some requests to add lighting control so opened the door for DMX lighting control with the use of small accessory dongle. All of this and more is possible because we are in full support of the new CoreMIDI framework introduced in iOS 4.2.”

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iConnectMIDI Connects iPhone, iPad, iPod touch To Your MIDI Hardware

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This set of videos offers an introduction to iConnectivity’s iConnectMIDI, a new device that lets you connect your iOS Application – running on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – to MIDI devices or computers running other MIDI applications.

iConnectMIDI does everything that a standard MIDI interface does plus it enables direct iOS Application connectivity, no more special translation programs or network configurations to work with. It also connects standard MIDI DIN to USB MIDI 1.0 in the absence of a computing device, bridging old to new MIDI technologies.

Note: The iConnectMIDI shown in this clip is an early prototype and may not exactly represent as released.

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iConnectMIDI Turns Your iPhone Into A MIDI Controller


iConnectivity has announced iConnectMIDI – a new box that lets you use your iPhone to directly control hardware synths.

Here’s how iConnectivity explains how iConnectMIDI works:

Plug your electronic instrument (synthesizer, guitar, whatever) into iConnectMIDI and you can play and control your music, using your iPhone or iPod, your instrument, or both at the same time.

You’re not limited to one musical instrument either. With iConnectMIDI you can connect up to 16 devices in a chain, controlling all of them with your iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Standard MIDI (5-pin DIN): 2 x MIDI-IN, 2 x MIDI-OUT
  • USB-MIDI: 1x Type-A connector to USB-MIDI device
  • USB: 1 x mini-USB connector to computer
  • RJ-50 connector to iPhone/iPod Touch (cable included)
  • (MIDI and USB cables not included)

iConnectivity is also planning to offer a number of applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch that you can use with iConnectMIDI and your musical devices. Continue reading