Discrete Energy II

Max Million has released a new sound library, the second and final part of the Discrete Energy series:

Discrete Energy II provides the backbone for Glitch | IDM | Breaks or other forms of EDM music production.

Includes 443 MB of highly original and inspiring audio content. Every sample is as usable and fresh as humanly possible.

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New Music From Chris Randall

Free Music Friday: Musician and developer Chris Randal (Micronaut, Audio Damage) has released a new 5-track EP, an existing paradigm.

The EP is a “collection of various experiments in electronic music done over the course of 2012.”

It’s available on Bandcamp with a ‘name your price’ model. See Randall’s site for more info on the release.

Chris Randall – Texteral

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Chris Randall, captures “a little late-night jam on some old-school IDM stylee.”

Gear used: Ableton Live, Audio Damage Phosphor, Replicant, Filterstation, and Automaton, Native Instruments Maschine, Eventide Space, Access Virus, and MeeBlip.

How To Make Glitch Drums & Breaks

YouTube Preview Image

The latest tutorial video, via ohdratdigital, takes a look at how to make glitch drums and breaks:

This week’s video is all about how to create glitch drums and breaks, from subtle reworking all the way to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher style craziness!

For the download links to the plugins used in the tutorial, see the OD site.

The Granulizator – Granular Synthesis Tool For Ableton Live

YouTube Preview Image

Developer Julien Bayle posted this sneak preview of The Granulizator – a new granular synthesis tool for Ableton Live with Max For Live. 


  • buffer size from 1ms to 10s
  • 5 parameters to control grains (pitch, noise pitch, length, gain, stereo)
  • 2 sources possible (grab audio from input OR use a sample from your disk)


The NTH Music Synthesizer

YouTube Preview Image

Developers Kevin Holland and John Staskevich have officially introduced the  NTH Music Synthesizer, a ‘fun-to-use, sonically-rich, hackable music synthesizer’.

The Nth Music Synthesizer features digital oscillators, an analog low-pass filter, an integrated step sequencer and MIDI I/O.

Back in November, we had a sneak preview of the Nth Synthesizer. Now, Holland & Staskevich are planning a Kickstarter project to fund the production of the new synth, starting February 2, 2012. Upon successful funding, production of the NTH will begin and the design will be open-sourced.

Audio examples, product photos, and additional documentation can be found at the NTH website,