iMaschine 2 Lets You Create Entire Tracks


Native Instruments today released a major new release of its beatmaking app for iOS, iMaschine 2.

While the original iMaschine focused on beatmaking, iMaschine 2 is designed to let you create entire tracks. It adds new arranging options, new note entry options, an arpeggiator, color-coded pads, 3D Touch support and more.

Unfortunately, the specs make no mention of Audiobus, MIDI support or Audio Copy/Paste.

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iMaschine Update Adds Audiobus, Inter-App Audio

imaschineNative Instruments has released an update to iMaschine, adding Audiobus, Inter-App Audio and more.

Here’s what’s new in iMaschine 1.2.0:

  • Audiobus integration – chain the sound from iMaschine into apps such as GarageBand
  • Inter-App Audio integration – stream audio output to other apps. Supports transport control and sync on iPad, supports transport sync on iPhone.
  • Non-destructive Sample Start/Stop position editing
  • Improved workflow for Track/Song Import via iTunes
  • Covers and artist names shown when browsing iTunes songs
  • Fixes display issues on iPhone 6+ devices
  • GUI and workflow improvements
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes

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NI Releases Circuit Halo Expansion For Maschine

NI_Circuit_Halo_Maschine_Expansion_ScreenshotNative Instruments today released Circuit Halo, a new Maschine expansion. Circuit Halo combines “intricately-sampled” vintage synths and classic drum machines with more contemporary patterns. Circuit Halo’s sound set also boasts new presets for the (included) Massive and Reaktor Prism synths.

Synth Sounds. Circuit Halo features a collection of samples from vintage synthesizers such as the Roland Juno 60, Casio VL-Tone, Prophet 5, Yamaha DX7, Sequential Circuits Pro One and Six-Trak, and the original Korg MS-20. Each instrument was carefully multi-sampled to capture the “characteristic warm low end,” and idiosyncrasies such as pitch drift, that analog equipment adds to productions. Continue reading

iMaschine Update Adds Sampling From iTunes, Sample Editing & More

imaschine-ipadNative Instruments has released an update to iMaschine, its iOS mobile ‘groove production’ app.

The update adds iPad optimization, sampling from iTunes, sample editing features and more. The updates add up to a much more powerful iMaschine, moving it further into music production center territory.

iMaschine is designed to let you create “music sketches” with an iPad or iPhone. The update features a new user interface and an optimized layout for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini.

On the iPad, the modified iMaschine interface allows two-handed operation. Editing and performing functions are now on the same window as the application’s 16 drum pads, 2-octave keyboard and the audio recorder, smoothing its workflow.

The update also includes an addition to the standard library, the “Quantum Collection”, an iMaschine expansion featuring a choice selection of sounds from the recently released Maschine 2 Library. iTunes sampling allows users to capture parts from the music on their iOS device and edit the samples’ start and end points.

The update also brings easier writing and performing, with a number of workflow enhancements.

X/Y performance controls are a new way to perform effects. A swipe redo/undo function contributes to a faster workflow. Lastly, listening to requests from the iMaschine community, this iMaschine update adds a metronome on/off switch.

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In-App Purchases Are Here To Stay


You know all those in-app purchases developers have been adding to their iOS apps lately that unlock features (Animoog), new sound libraries (iMaschine) and new instruments (Tabletop)?

Looks like they are here to stay. App analytics firm Distimo reports that three-quarters of developers revenue comes from in-app purchases:

In-app purchases (IAP) now generate the majority of the revenue in the app stores. This has been the case for some time now, and it continues to rise.

In-app purchases generated only 53% of revenue in the Apple App Store for iPhone in January 2012 in the U.S., but  generated a record 76% in February 2013 clearly demonstrating the success of this monetization method.

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Native Helios Ray Brings ‘Eclectic Leftfield Beats’ To Maschine, iMaschine

HELIOS_RAY_00_introNative Instruments has released Helios Ray – a new expansion pack, for Maschine, Maschine Mikro and iMaschine.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Helios Ray contains three styles of drum kits.

  • The Vinyl Kits represent “a crate digger’s paradise” – hip-hop sampled from dusty grooves, with vinyl kicks, finger snaps, shakers, vocal samples, claps, snares, crackle and record stops.
  • The Digital Kits feature Brazilian and Latin percussion such as shakers, bongos and congas, as well as basses.
  • The Analog Kits represent the “switched-on” side, drums and percussion with ‘the gritty bite of hardware’.

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How to Make Music With iPad Apps & Ableton Live

YouTube Preview Image

Can you make music with iPad apps?

In this video, Ableton Live instructor Danny J Lewis demonstrates one approach, recording a variety of iOS apps with Ableton Live.

iOS apps used include:

  • iMaschine
  • Korg MS-20
  • Animoog
  • GarageBand
  • BeatShuffler

Check it out and let us know what you think of Lewis’s approach…..and his results.

via pointblankonline

iMaschine Review – ‘The Future Of Music Is Now’

YouTube Preview Image

This video, via colesbrandon, is a review of the new iMaschine, by Native Instruments.

This isn’t a Nick from Sonic State style review, though. It’s more of a ‘I made my first video review at 2:30 in the morning in a wifebeater t-shirt because iMaschine is the future’ style review.

Get beyond the chopped-off head and camera sound, though, and this video gets to the core of what iMaschine is all about. With $200 for an iPod touch and $5 for iMaschine, you’ve got a mobile music production workstation. And that’s going to open things up to a lot of people.

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