Imogen Heap – Me The Machine

This is the official music video for Imogen Heap‘s Me The Machine, which was written with and for her Mi.Mu MIDI glove controllers.

“Most of the visuals are being manipulated live using my Mi.Mu gloves,” notes Heap, “as I didn’t just want to mime. So, I went one step further and worked with the team on getting the gloves ready for visual manipulations.” Continue reading

Imogen Heap Demos Her MIDI Gloves

In this video interview, musician Imogen Heap demonstrates her MIDI gloves, which are being developed for production as a Kickstarter project. The interview was filmed at Heap’s home studio outside London.

“These beautiful gloves help me gesturally interact with my computer,” says Heap.

Pushing buttons and twiddling dials “is not very exciting for me or the audience,” she adds. “Now I can make music on the move, in the flow and more humanly, and more naturally engage with my computer software and technology.” Continue reading

Imogen Heap’s Music Glove Now Being Developed As Kickstarter Project


Developers of Imogen Heap‘s music glove controllers have announced a Kickstarter project to turn them into a production controller – the Mi.Mu. Glove For Music.

Here’s what they have to say about the Mi.Mu.:

The gloves are the product of years of research and development, building upon original research at University of the West of England. The project was initiated and continues to be driven by musician Imogen Heap along with a team of engineers, scientists, artists and musicians.

A number of iterations of the gloves have been designed, aimed predominantly at producing a gestural performance system for Heap.This culminated in a performance system which can be seen in footage from some of Imogen’s demos and performances.

While the system was incredibly powerful and expressive, it was also incredibly complex to set up. It required the attention of a team of people, not to mention the days of intense advanced MIDI routing and Ableton Live programming to create the mappings and session used in Imogen’s first glove song, Me The Machine, which is included with many of our Kickstarter pledges.

We wanted everyone to have the experience of being inside these gloves without as much of the complexity in Imogen’s original system. We wanted to make a wireless glove that almost any musician could adapt to their way of making music. The last 18 months have seen re-design after re-design of the glove textiles, hardware and software and we have finally arrived at a point where we can make them available to others through this Kickstarter.

Here’s the official video intro: Continue reading

Imogen Heap’s Musical Gloves

Saturday Synth PornImogen Heap demos her awesome (x-IMU-based) musical gloves, on Dara O Briain’s Science Club on BBC2, Dec 31, 2012.

Heap’s concept for the gloves was that they would “take on the personality of a musical companion, not trying to do take the place of what a keyboard or computer is good for but finding and celebrating those things that the gloves do better: expressive and immediate control of sounds recording and played through gesture.”

Continue reading

Imogen Heap – Propeller Seeds

Listen closely to the sound design in Imogen Heap‘s new track, Propeller Seeds.

Here’s a summary of what’s going on, via mastering engineer Ian Shepherd of the Production Advice blog, edited slightly for clarity:

The song tells the story of when Heap  met the new man in her life.

Collaborator Nick Ryan and Heap spent a huge amount of care and attention sampling, sequencing and morphing all kinds of sounds, from floorboards and piano stools masquerading as tree roots through to cutlery percussion, crowd noise and Felix’s Machines – as well as making impulse response recordings (bursting balloons !) in different locations, allowing them to build convolution reverb patches of those spaces and later place Heap’s voice back inside them during the song.

In musical terms this means that as the song plays, these sounds and environments float and swirl around you – sometimes sound effects, sometimes rhythm tracks, sometimes atmospheres and flavours – and Immi’s voice moves with them, from one location’s acoustic to another, as the story unfolds.

That last sound design tactic – using impulse responses to process Heap’s voice to set it within each of these virtual environments – is especially cool.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Imogen Heap On The Eigenlabs’ Eigenharp

YouTube Preview Image

This official Eigenlabs video takes a look at Imogen Heap and her thoughts on the new electronic instrument, the Eigenharp.

via eigenlabs:

Imogen Heap is an award winning artist with Ivor Novello and Grammy awards to her name. Respected among her peers and adored by her fans, she truly embraces both modern technology and traditional instruments in her creative process.

We met in ‘the hideaway’, her home studio….