Live improvisation With iPad, Tupperware & Ableton Push

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Perplex On, captures a live home studio improvisation with an iPad using the drumsynth Impaktor (with the help of ‘pimped Tupperware’), Ableton Push, Reaktor’s Serenade controlled by a Leap Motion Sensor and an induction coil for recording some electromegnatic noise.

Technical details:

  • iPad connected to an Akai EIE for Midi and Audio In/Out,
  • generic Tupperware pimped with piezo feeding the Impaktor app,
  • illuminated by Arduino-driven RGB-LED-Stripes responsive to the frequency/volume,
  • Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor Patch “Serenade” (the tiny stick is just for the show)
  • Ableton Push doing Ableton Push things


  • 00:05: Recording some electromagnetic fields with an induction coil
  • 00:40: Playing around with POLYRHYTHMUS, an awesome Max4Live sequencer (Link:
  • 01:30: Leap Motion controlling the Reaktor patch Serenade, a virtual string synth
  • 02:32: Drumming with Impaktor for iPad, fed by an external piezo mounted in Tupperware
  • 05:20: Recording and mangling some strings in Samplr
  • 09:00: Glitching the drums coming from Impaktor with Turnado
  • 09:25: Recording some vocal pads

Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

Sound designer Diego Stocco has released a new video, Beachwood, that captures a short improvisation, created with a musical object he calls “Beachwood”.

In the beginning of the video, he explains that he started with a piece of wood he found at the beach. Then he added a contact mic and a lavalier mic and some metal resonators.  Continue reading