The Intellijel Springray Spring Reverb

This video, via Modular Wild, takes a look at the variety of spring reverb effects possible with the Intellijel Springray Eurorack spring reverb module.

In the video, Raul Pena demonstrates the effect of using the Springray Spring Reverb module with different reverb tanks.  Continue reading

Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack Synthesizer Voice Review

This video, via sonicstate, is a review of the Intellijel Atlantis Eurorack synthesizer voice.

The Atlantis is a new Eurorack module that is a complete synth voice in a single Eurorack module. The Atlantis is inspired by the Roland SH-101, but is not intended to be a conservative reproduction of the original.  Continue reading

The Best Of The 2014 NAMM Show


The 2014 NAMM Show was another great year for the event – the weather was fantastic, there were tons of new synths and interesting gear introduced and we got to see a lot of people passionate about synths and electronic music.

Here’s our pick of the best new gear that was either introduced at the show this year or that made its NAMM debut this year: Continue reading

New Analog Synths At The 2014 NAMM Show


At the 2014 NAMM Show, there were more new analog synths than we have ever seen at the show. There were new analogs from companies like Korg, Moog and Elektron; there were a lot of interesting new synths from smaller companies; and there were several all-in-one Eurorack synth modules.

murmuxp2Here’s a roundup of the full-fledged analog synthesizers introduced at the 2014 NAMM Show: Continue reading

Intellijel Intros Atlantis Eurorack Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth Voice


2014 NAMM Show: Intellijel has introduced the Atlantis – a fully patchable dual oscillator analog subtractive synth voice in Eurorack format.

The Atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic Roland SH-101. However, the Atlantis uses triangle core VCOs (based on the Dixie core) instead of Saw core, which respond much more musically to FM. The modulation oscillator can be used as an LFO or VCO (audio rate) and both track very precisely over 8 or more octaves.

Here’s a video introduction to the Intellijel Atlantis: Continue reading

Make Noise Teleplexer Module (First Look)

2014 NAMM Show: Here’s a quick preview, via , of the new Make Noise Teleplexer Module: Continue reading