Sean McBride Interview (Xeno & Oaklander)

This video captures an extended interview with Sean McBride. The interview one of the extended interviews done in the process of creating the I Dream Of Wires modular synthesizer documentary.  Continue reading

Interview With Olivier Gillet (Mutable Instruments)

olivier-gillet-mutable-instrumentsThe latest episode of Darwin Grosse’s Art + Music + Tech interview series features Olivier Gillet – the man behind Mutable Instruments.

Mutable Instruments makes the Shruthi, Anushri and Ambika synths, and a variety Eurorack synth modules.

Gillet is also (far in the past) the developer behind “Chocopoolp”, the company that created the Palm software Bhaji’s Loops.

“Olivier is an amazingly open and creative guy,” notes host Darwin Grosse, “and shared not only his history, but also his philosophy behind his open hardware/software systems and ideas for learning about music hardware development.” Continue reading

What Would You Ask Roger Linn?

Roger LinnRoger Linn is a musician and industrial designer that has helped shaped the evolution of electronic music for the last 35 years.

He created the modern drum machine in the 70′s with the LM-1 Drum Computer. In the 80′s, he created the Akai MPC, which helped define hip hop and other genres.

More recently, he’s designed innovative guitar effects pedals, co-designed the Tempest analog drum machine and created a new instrument, the LinnStrument.

We’re working on setting up an interview with Linn and want to include some reader questions. So leave a comment and let us know what you’d like to ask Roger Linn!

Richard Devine Interview On Art + Music + Technology


The latest episode of the Art+Music+Technology podcast features composer and sound designer Richard Devine.

Host Darwin Grosse talks with Devine about how he got hooked on electronic music, and his move from software/laptop performance into modular synth performance.

You can listen to the interview via the embed below or at the A+M+T site: Continue reading

Jean Michel Jarre: “Our Battle About Intellectual Property Is Not Defending The Rights Of Rich Artists”

jean-michel-jarreIn a new interview, electronic music pioneer and president of the International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC) Jean Michel Jarre shared his thoughts on the Internet, intellectual property and how they relate to the future of music.

“Our fight and our battle about intellectual property is not defending the rights of rich artists…sitting on their pot of gold. It’s something far beyond this,” argues Jarre. “It’s questioning the future of creation, the future of our identity, whoever we are…” Continue reading