GuitarJack Model 2, Now iOS Lightning-Compatible

Sonoma GuitarjackSonoma Wireworks has announced that their GuitarJack Model 2 audio interface for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is compatible with Apple’s new iPhone 5, new iPod touch, iPad mini, and fourth generation iPad, which all use Apple’s new Lightning-to-30-pin adapter cable.

GuitarJack connects a wide range of instruments, microphones, and other audio hardware to iOS devices via 1/4 inch instrument and 1/8 inch stereo mic/line inputs and an 1/8 inch stereo/line output. GuitarJack includes input level control with 60 dB of gain plus 12 dB pad for 72 dB of adjustment, configurable Lo-Z and Hi-Z modes, and more. GuitarJack Model 2 works with Sonoma’s iOS apps, which are compatible with iOS 6, as well as third party apps like GarageBand.

iOS 6 Won’t Kill AudioBus

AudiobusThere’s been a ton of buzz and speculation about the future of audio apps on iOS since Apple’s WWDC announcement of iOS 6, which will include inter-app audio, audio and video sampling, ‘multi-route’ audio support and more.

Unfortunately, Apple has provided no details on these announcements yet. And iOS 6 developers are under non-disclosure agreements and can’t talk about unreleased features.

One things for sure, though, iOS 6 won’t kill AudioBus, the independently developed ‘virtual mixing board and FX processor for iOS’.

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Inter-App Audio Coming In iOS 6

Apple made dozens of announcements at its World Wide Developers Conference today in  San Francisco – but most of them were anticipated updates and incremental improvements.

One announcement for iOS 6, Apple’s new mobile device operating system, perked up the ears of a lot of people interested in iPad and iPhone music applications – Inter-app audio.

Apple hasn’t publicly released details on Inter-app audio in iOS 6, but it looks like it may be adding the type of system level audio routing between audio and music apps that many developers have been waiting for. (Or, in the case of AudioBus, working on.)

Other items introduced without fanfare include system level support for audio and video sampling during playback and ‘multi-route audio.

If you’ve got additional details on iOS 6’s inter-app audio, leave a comment or let us know via the feedback form!

via The Verge, willkuhn, palmsounds