Apollo Sound Injector Lets You Stream Audio, Wirelessly, Between iOS, Mac & Windows

Secret Base Design has debuted an app for iOS that lets you stream audio over WiFi from one iOS device to another, or even to a Mac or PC.

Apollo Sound Injector can sit in the input slot of Audiobus, and catches the streamed audio sent by Apollo Remote Recorder (Audiobus output slot).

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Secret Base Design Releases Apollo Remote Recorder, iOS Recorder

Secret Base Design has released Apollo Remote Recorder, an iOS app that allows the user to capture iOS synthesizers and integrate the recording into a DAW-based workflow.  Apollo Remote Recorder is an iOS recorder app that is controlled by MIDI — so you can capture synths (using Audiobus).

Developer Patrick Madden explains, “There are hundreds of great synthesizers and samplers for iOS, but getting recordings in and out of a device has been a hassle. Apollo Remote Recorder is designed to bridge the gap between iOS and the professional desktop DAW world.”
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Audulus Update Lets You Sync Patches Wirelessly Via ‘The Cloud’

Developer Taylor Holliday has released Audulus 2.4 for iPad and Mac – an update to the software modular that lets you sync your patches wirelessly via ‘the cloud’.

The update adds support for iCloud. You put together an awesome modular patch in Audulus on your iPad and it syncs wirelessly to iCloud. When you’re back at your computer and open up Audulus, your patches from iCloud are available.

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IK Multimedia Updates SampleTank App For iPhone 5, iPad, iPod Touch

IK-Multimedia_SampleTankIK Multimedia has released an update of its SampleTank music creation app.

SampleTank, a “sound-and-groove-module” app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, is now fully optimized to support the larger screen of the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch, while taking advantage of the enhanced graphics capabilities of the Retina display. Continue reading

MIDI & Audio Connections For iPad / iPhone

YouTube Preview Image

In this video, via pointblankonlineDanny J Lewis breaks down the connection process when recording material from iOS music apps into your chosen DAW (in this case Ableton Live).

Lewis uses a camera connection kit to connect a MIDI keyboard to bring a traditional method of inputting note data, and a simple stereo mini jack to 2 x mono phono jack lead to connect the iPad to the audio interface.