Akai Pro SynthStation49 Overview

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This video, via AkaiProVideo, offers an introduction and overview of the Akai Pro SynthStation49.

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Sneak Preview – Geo Synth Controlling NLogSynth PRO, Via Virtual MIDI Ports

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Remember the recent posts on the Open Music App Collaboration Manifesto, MIDI instruments on iOS & the future of iOS music?

The explosion of interest in developing ways of getting iOS music apps to work more effectively with each other is starting to pay off, with more and more apps supporting “virtual MIDI ports”. Virtual MIDI ports let you “patch together” synths and controller apps on a single multitasking device.

Here, mvpadrini demonstrates two iOS apps working together, Rob Fielding & Kevin Chartier Geo Synth and Rolf Wohrmann’s NLogSynth Pro.

Note that this is a sneak preview of upcoming versions of the two apps. 

iWah Turns Your iPad Into A $700 Wah Pedal

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We’ve been accused of being iOS fanboys, but we’re actually a bit skeptical about the iWah – a pedal + dock that turns your iPad into a $700 wah pedal.

A $700 glass wah pedal, sitting by your foot, on a dark stage.

Check out the video demo and let us know what you think……

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