Hexaglyphics Noise Generator Is Like Making Music In The Matrix


Nicola Pisanti has introduced Hexaglyphics – a 13-bit noise generator that looks like it should be used for making music in The Matrix.

Hexaglyphics uses an interface based on an original alphabet for hexadecimal values. It can turn gestures into a wide range of noise sweeps, zaps/clicks, squarish oscillations and abstract sounds.

Here’s the official video intro:  Continue reading

Flection, ‘The Ultimate Waveshaper’, Now Available

flectionElephant Candy has released Flection – an app they describe as ‘the ultimate waveshaper for iPad’.

Flection is a precision tool for shaping your sound. It offers high quality stereo audio processing at very low latency, flexible control and multi-faceted visual feedback.

Waveshaping is typically known to work great for guitar distortion, but you can use Flection just as well with drums, vocals or synths. Continue reading

BIAS FX Amp & Effects Processor Now Available

bias-fx-ipadPositive Grid has announced that BIAS FX for iPad – a new amp-and-effects processor – is now available. A desktop version is also in development.

BIAS FX offers a huge collection of newly developed, high-definition pedal and rack effects are included: gate, boosters, overdrive, distortion, fuzz, equalizers, tremolo, phaser, flanger, chorus, octaver, compressors, delays, spring and plate reverbs.

Here’s the official intro video: Continue reading

Watch Band A Wrist-Based MIDI Controller For Apple Watch

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FingerTaps has introduced Watch Band – an app that turns an Apple Watch into an instrument and MIDI Controller. Continue reading

Line 6 Puts Your Amp Settings On Your Wrist

The introduction of the Apple Watch has created both an opportunity and a challenge for music software developers.

There’s an opportunity, because so many musicians are already using Apple’s iOS for for music making, and the Apple Watch extends that platform. And there’s a challenge, because the idea of a wearable music platform, based on a mass-market smartwatch, is largely uncharted territory. Is there really a place for music apps on your wrist?

Line 6 isn’t waiting around to see – the’ve announced that their AMPLIFi Remote amp controller app is now compatible with Apple Watch. Continue reading

SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer Updated With MIDI Support

seekbeatsDeveloper Rodrigo Yanez has updated SeekBeats Drum Machine Synthesizer for iOS with MIDI In control drum sounds and patterns.

SeekBeats is software drum machine with 100% synthesized sounds that Yanex says ‘sound alive, noisy and musical.”

Here’s a demo of the updated SeekBeats in action: Continue reading