iRig Keys Controllers Now Compatible With Mac, Windows, iOS & Android Devices

IK Multimedia has announced that its iRig Keys controllers are now cross-platform compatible.

Both the iRig Keys and mobile full-size keyboard iRig Keys PRO controllers will now ship with a Micro-USB to OTG cable for Android devices and Lightning and USB cables. Continue reading

iTONTO App Documents “World’s Largest Synthesizer”, Benefits Bob Moog Foundation


Synthesizer pioneer and Grammy Award-winning producer Malcolm Cecil has introduced iTONTO, an app for iPad and iPhone that offers up a trove of historical and technical information about the world’s largest synthesizer, TONTO.

Best known for its prominence on four Stevie Wonder albums in the late 1970s, TONTO is a behemoth assemblage of various synthesizers and custom components, making it a legend in a field with no shortage of innovative instruments. Continue reading

AnalogKit For iPad “A Music Hacker’s Paradise”

analogkitBitcount has introduced AnalogKit for iPad – an app that lets you play, share, and build synths and effects in ‘an incredible digital playground’.

Analogkit takes full advantage of its digital nature and lets you hook anything into anything or chain together as many of a thing as you like,

According to the developers, ‘AnalogKit allows you to build nearly anything you can dream of’: Continue reading