New Sampler For iOS – Elsa

elsa-sampler-iosDeveloper Erik Sigth has released Elsa – a retro-style sampling app for iOS (Universal) with tempo based looping.

Elsa lets you record, save, load & reverse samples. You can play it with a multi octave on-screen keyboard or plug in a core MIDI device of choice, soft- or hardware.

Elsa comes with three built in effects, a reverb, a resonant low pass filter and a frequency/bit crush. Samples are looped in three different modes, one off, forward and/or forward-reverse. The start and end of playback also comes in three modes, one set of start and stop for all, one set per note and/or one set per octave, allowing for many different types of samples. Additionally at playback time, sample length can also be controlled by a set of sample dividers, 1-8.

Here’s a video demo: Continue reading

MIDI Editor Update Adds MIDI Clip Browser, iCloud Support

midi-editor-iosDeveloper Nikolozi Meladze has released a v1.2 update for MIDI Editor for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

MIDI Editor turns your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch into a music sketchpad. It works with your favourite synths and music apps that support MIDI input.

New Features in 1.2:

  • Added MIDI clip browser
  • Added iCloud support for MIDI clips
  • Added Undo/Redo
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • MIDI Editor Features

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New Software Synthesizer, Nice To Be Your Friend Synth, Designed For Jamming With Friends

nice-to-be-your-friend-synthSecret Base Design has released a new software synthesizer for iOS, Nice To Be Your Friend Synth, that’s designed for jamming with friends.

Nice To Be Your Friend is Universal, and offers more than a hundred sounds, using a SoundFont engine. The app is polyphonic and multi-timbral and supports MIDI In/Out. Continue reading

The iVCS Controller


Saturday Synth Porn: The iVCS3 Controller is another fantastic custom controller design from Synth Project.

The iVCS3 is specifically designed for the iVCS3 iOS app. It features an iPad slot to hold your tablet. The upper front panel has additional knobs and switches for the step sequencer and the flanger.  Continue reading

MultiTrack DAW Update Adds Inter-App Audio, AudioBus 2.0 Support & More

ipad-multitrack-dawDeveloper Harmonicdog has released an update to MultiTrack DAW, its digital audio workstation for the iPad.

Updates in MultiTrack DAW 3.4 include Inter-App Audio, AudioBus 2 support and support for up to 16 inputs.

Here’s what’s new in MultiTrack DAW 2.4: Continue reading