Wooji Juice Releases Ferrite Recording Studio For iOS


Wooji Juice has released Ferrite, recording app for iOS that they say combines the ease of use of a ‘voice memo’ audio recorder and the power of a multi-track editing studio.

The app was designed primarily for professional voice production use.

Here’s a video overview: Continue reading

Different Drummer Updated To Version 4.0


Techné Media has released an updated version of Different Drummer – its drum machine iOS app.

According to the company, Different drummer lets you create ‘repeating patterns, infinite patterns, simple patterns, complex patterns, straight rhythms, poly rhythms, human feel, robot feel, arpeggios, chord progressions, fills, sequences, dynamics and much more’.

Here’s what’s new in Different Drummer 4.0: Continue reading

Multi-Platform Modular Soundscape

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Paul Normand Lebel (A Box In The Sea) captures a multi-platform modular soundscape performance, Crystalline Plasma Radio Waves.

Lebel’s performance combines hardware synths & samplers, modular synth and touch-based sample mangling.  Continue reading

Pioneer Turns $799 RMX-1000 Into An iPad App


Pioneer has introduced RMX-1000 for iPad – a tactile app that lets you add high-quality FX via Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

Originally launched in 2012, the hardware RMX-1000 is a popular effector that can be used in the studio and for DJ performances. The RMX-1000 app emulates the hardware to deliver touchscreen control of Scene FX, Isolate FX, X-PAD FX and Release FX. Continue reading

Ferrite Recording Studio For iOS (Sneak Preview)


Developer Wooji Juice (Mitosynth, Hokusai, Grain Science) has announced Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS – a new mobile multitrack recording app.

The developers say that Ferrite Recording Studio “makes it fast and easy to record and edit audio on-the-go — while making powerful features like effects and automation available when you need them.”

Here’s a short video teaser: Continue reading