Duet Display 1.0 Promises High-Performance OS X Display On iPad


Developer Rahul Dewan has released Duet Display version 1.0 – an iOS app that lets you use your iPad or iPhone as a second, wired display for OS X, via USB.

For OS X musicians, Duet Display gives you another way to use an iPad when you’re not using it as a controller or mobile music devices.

When the app was initially released, we noted that is was not stable and bug-free enough to be considered a ‘version 1′ release yet. We recommend reading the feedback at the App Store, because initial feedback was mixed, with some users having excellent results and others running into bugs.

With Duet Display v1.0, the developer promises improved performance and stability.  Continue reading

New App, Wilsonic, Lets You Explore ‘Profound’ Microtonal Harmonies

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Wilsonic is a new app for iPad that is designed to let you explore the microtonal systems of scale theorist Ervin Wilson.

Here’s what developer Marcus Satellite has to say about the app: Continue reading

AudioShare Updated With WiFi Drive, Improved Editing

audioshare-2AudioShare for iOS has been updated to Version 2.7.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New and improved visual design.
  • Auto-zoom when trimming audio.
  • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio.
  • New built-in text editor for taking notes.
  • WiFi Drive: Access the library and upload files from any web browser on your local network.
  • Allow access to Document Providers from within AudioShare on iOS 8, for example iCloud Drive.
  • Include a Document Picker app extension to allow other apps to access the AudioShare library directly on iOS 8.
  • Support iPhone 6 and 6+ screen resolutions.
  • Scroll up to reveal a Search Bar to search the current folder.
  • Support 24 and 32 bits recording and conversion.

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TC-Helicon Intros Voice Rack Vocal Effects Processor For iOS


TC-Helicon – a company that has long specialized in professional vocal effects hardware – has introduced Voice Rack: FX – a real-time vocal effects processor for iOS.

The app, which works with both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio, offers 50 vocal effects presets, ranging from voice doubling to ‘gender-bending’, based on the company’s voice processing algorithms. Continue reading