Beatwave Matrix Synth Update Adds New UI, Audiobus, Effects & More

beatwaveBeatwave – a matrix synthesizer for iOS – has been updated to version 2.0, adding a new UI, Audiobus support, effects and more.

Here’s what’s new in Beatwave 2.0:

  • New UI
  • Effects
  • iOS7 compatibility
  • New instruments
  • New sharing functionality
  • Audiobus support
  • Now up to 4 patterns per grid
  • New controls for grid speed and octaves
  • Improved tone and scale controls
  • Improved workflows for saving and loading patterns

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Deregulator Stereo Effects Processor For iOS

deregulatorSavelii Kaliupanov has released Deregulator  a ‘mini-processor’ of stereo effects, with Echo, Delay and Reverberator.


  • Three linked effect module (Echo, Delay and Reverb)
  • Randomisers for every parameters of this effects
  • Ability to randomise all parameters at once
  • Recording of affected audio to wav
  • Share files to iTunes, AudioCopy 2, AudioShare
  • Audiobus of course
  • 25 non-factory presets slots
  • Stereo/mono

Here’s what they have to say about Deregulator: Continue reading

Apollo MIDI Over Bluetooth Offers Low-Latency Wireless Connectivity

Secret Base Design has released Apollo MIDI Over Bluetooth Free – a time-limited free version of its Apollo MIDI app, which is designed to try out using MIDI over low-latency Bluetooth LE connections.

With Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth, you can easily connect a pair of iOS devices, or an iOS device and a Mac, using Bluetooth LE. Bluetooth LE is designed for low latency, which makes it a good option for music applications. Continue reading

ThumbJam Gets Massive Update

thumbjamSonosaurus has released an update to Thumbjam, a performance-oriented instrument for iOS.

The update adds Inter-App Audio support, AudioBus 2, AudioShare, and a variety of performance options.

Thumbjam is also introducing a variety of features designed to allow much more complex virtual instrument to be built and played on the platform.

Velocity layering support has been added, and new instruments taking advantage of the feature will be available as in-app downloads. The app has also enhanced its MIDI options, allowing for MIDI breath control, poly pressure and more.

Here’s what’s new in Thumbjam 2.4: Continue reading

iMaschine Update Adds Sampling From iTunes, Sample Editing & More

imaschine-ipadNative Instruments has released an update to iMaschine, its iOS mobile ‘groove production’ app.

The update adds iPad optimization, sampling from iTunes, sample editing features and more. The updates add up to a much more powerful iMaschine, moving it further into music production center territory.

iMaschine is designed to let you create “music sketches” with an iPad or iPhone. The update features a new user interface and an optimized layout for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini.

On the iPad, the modified iMaschine interface allows two-handed operation. Editing and performing functions are now on the same window as the application’s 16 drum pads, 2-octave keyboard and the audio recorder, smoothing its workflow.

The update also includes an addition to the standard library, the “Quantum Collection”, an iMaschine expansion featuring a choice selection of sounds from the recently released Maschine 2 Library. iTunes sampling allows users to capture parts from the music on their iOS device and edit the samples’ start and end points.

The update also brings easier writing and performing, with a number of workflow enhancements.

X/Y performance controls are a new way to perform effects. A swipe redo/undo function contributes to a faster workflow. Lastly, listening to requests from the iMaschine community, this iMaschine update adds a metronome on/off switch.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1: Continue reading

AD 480 Pro – A Studio Reverb Effect For Audiobus & Inter-App Audio

ad-480-reverb-audiobusFiedler Audio has updated AD 480 Pro – a ‘studio reverb effect’ for Audiobus and Inter-App Audio.

New in the latest version:

  • full Audiobus 2.0 support
  • (AD 480 basic) easy restoring upgrade after reinstallation
  • (AD 480 pro) Audiobus 2.0 State Saving
  • (AD 480 pro) direct playback from iTunes Library (no import necessary anymore, still to find by pressing import button)

Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

The AD 480 delivers a realistic acoustic sound with a fine sonic character in best studio quality. From small boxes to the Grand Canyon – practically any size and shape is possible.

The highly intuitive user interface is designed from the ground up for today’s touch screens. It gives you quick and responsive access to all parameters and on the iPad it offers a special graphics mode (stage mode) for low light environments. The MIDI functions let you fully remote control / automate the AD 480 and the audio routing matrix gives you greatest flexibility in a multi app / multi channel environment.

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New App, Quincy, Based On Cellular Automata, Conway’s Game Of Life

quincyRoGame Software has introduced Quincy - a music composition tool based on cellular automata.

Here’s what the developer has to say about Quincy:

Its modular approach to interpretation of cellular automata renders Life worlds in styles ranging from Balinese Gamelan music to that of Stockhausen. Auto-generated on-device, interactive music that sounds authentic and goes far beyond the mere triggering of note events or squeeky sine waves.

Compositions in Quincy are visually and musically spellbinding and wonderfully strange. They can be looped, react to touch during play and can be shared via AirDrop, messaging and email.

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