BitCode Presets For BitWiz Audio Synth

Sunsine Audio has introduced BitCode – a library of 154 presets or “codes” for Kymatica’s BitWiz Audio Synth.

Each code began randomly, and was then altered to make it more appealing; adding and subtracting variables, changing constants, etc. Support was added for the XY pad on almost every single code, resulting in potential changes ranging from subtle to drastic.

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Sunrizer Synth Gets Two Free Sound Libraries

Sunrizer iPad software synthesizerDeveloper Constantin Aliferis has released two free sound libraries for Sunrizer synth for the iPad:

  • CFA Vintage Electronica Virtual Analogue provides vintage electronic sound patches.
  • CFA Ambient & Sound Design provides evolving and ambient sounds as well as arpeggios.

To get the libraries:

  • In Sunrizer, Open the patch library & select ‘Banks’;
  • Select ‘Web Library’ and click on the bank names

Sunrizer is available in the App Store for $4.99. Details are available at the developer’s site.

via Constantin Aliferis

Free App, Yamaha Visual Performer, Turns MIDI Into ‘Music You Can See’

YouTube Preview Image

Yamaha has released a free app for iPhone & iPad that lets you graphically visualize your musical performances by connecting MIDI keyboards, electric drums or other MIDI instruments to your iOS device.

The selected graphic animation plays and changes in time with the pitch and intensity of the performance.

Yamaha Visual Performer is a free download from the App Store.

iRig PRE Universal Microphone Interface For iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Now Available

YouTube Preview Image

IK Multimedia is now shipping its $39.99 mic interface for iOS devices, iRig Pre.


  • 40 cm (15.75″) TRRS cable to connect
  • to any iOS device headset jack
  • XLR input connector for microphones
  • Gain control
  • +48 V phantom power
  • Headphone output
  • On/Off switch
  • Power/Phantom Power provided by 9V battery
  • Battery life is approximately 30 hours with dynamic microphones and 10 hours with phantom powered condenser studio microphones
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

Will The iOS 6 Update Screw Up Your Music Apps?

iOS 6 was released yesterday – and 15% of Synthtopia’s mobile readers have probably already upgraded.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, though, you may want to wait, if you use your device for mobile music making. Reader Mark Mosher reports that several apps have problems.

Based on his testing, both PPG WaveGenerator and Akai SynthStation crash under iOS, immediately after the splash screens are displayed. Mosher notes that “I’ve been in touch with Wolfgang Palm and they are aware of the problem and working on a fix.”

Most of the apps Mosher tested seemed to work just fine, including TC-11, iElectribe, iMS-2o, Lemur, Magellan, Animoog, NanoStudio and others. See Mosher’s site for the rundown on apps he tested.

If you have already upgraded to iOS 6, let us know your experiences!

BeatSpiral Sample Performance Instrument For iOS

Xylio has released BeatSpiral – a new sample performance instrument for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

BeatSpiral is designed to let you chop samples, make beats and perform with them live. You can choose from an included library or import your own.


  • Create new sequences by rearranging and looping sample slices
  • Hold the wave stripes at different locations to play slices, slide out to record
  • The two waves on the left get recorded to one track, the others to the second
  • Select different loop regions on each track, change their length, copy and erase content
  • Mute pads for temporary silencing, erasing track content and deactivating waves
  • Eject buttons for selecting sample files and setting volume and panning
  • User sample import via iTunes File Sharing (mp3, wav, aiff, m4a)
  • Animated metronome shows tempo controls (20-200 BPM) with Tap Tempo
  • Zoom, Undo and Rotate tracks
  • Audio engine featuring high quality interpolation and low latency
  • Sample library and handy user guide to get you started
  • Crossfader
  • Autosave

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Is The iPhone 5 Now The Only Real Option For Handheld Music Making?

The biggest technology news this week, at least in terms of the coverage we’ve seen at sites like TechMeme, has been Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5.

We haven’t posted anything on it yet at Synthtopia, because the new iPhone is an evolutionary refinement of an already capable device, rather than something that brings radically new possibilities to musicians.

A post at Palm Sounds, a blog that focuses on mobile music making, made us take another look at the new device. It suggests that, while Apple has made the new iPhone incrementally better, Android and Windows alternatives seem to be going nowhere as music devices:

There is no way now to easily step off the Apple machine if you’re into mobile music. It’s where all the great apps are, and I can’t see that changing for quite a while now.

So I decided that as I have no real choice but to stick with iOS, I may as well go for a new iPhone 5.

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Fluxama Intros DR-OM Synth For iOS

Fluxama, the developers of the app Noisemusick have released a new iOS music app, DR-OM:

DR-OM is a virtual synthesizer that simulates the hackable yard sale treasure of the same name. Dozens of DR-OM units have been adapted from a rare, limited science lab function generator that started turning up in flea markets in the 70s.

DIY synth enthusiasts discovered the device was easily hackable, and closely-guarded photocopies of the modded schematics have been handed around the community for years. The directions show how to rewire the generator into a nice little synth with two mixable Low Frequency Oscillators and a Voltage-Controlled Filter.

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