iPhone Pwns The Pono For Listening To Music

The Pono music player – the high-resolution digital audio player promoted by Neil Young – has massive buzz. It was one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns. The Pono developers sought $800,000 in funding from the public, but ended up raising a staggering $6.2 million from people that bought into the idea that an audio player that played high-resolution… Read More iPhone Pwns The Pono For Listening To Music

Apple Intros iOS 8

Apple today introduced iOS 8, at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), being held June 2-6 in San Francisco, CA. While iOS 7 was a dramatic makeover, IOS 8 focuses on refining and polishing the mobile OS. Key Features: Faster and more intuitive user experience; iCloud Photo Library lets you use your photos and videos more easily across… Read More Apple Intros iOS 8

iPhone 5s Packs ‘Desktop-Class’ Power Into A Mobile Device

Apple today announced two new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. The announcements were largely what people expected Apple to introduce – a more powerful top-of-the-line iPhone and a more competitively priced iPhone. The real news, though – and what makes today’s announcements relevant to musicians – is the state of performance on… Read More iPhone 5s Packs ‘Desktop-Class’ Power Into A Mobile Device

Universal Guitar To MIDI Converter For iOS, Sonuus G2M

Sonuus has introduced G2M – a Universal Guitar-to-MIDI Converter app for iOS. According to the developer, Sonuus G2M delivers high-performance, low-latency, MIDI conversion for guitar and other musical instruments. The G2M app gives you access to the same technology of the Sonuus hardware G2M: Any electric guitar can be used as a solo MIDI guitar: i.e.,… Read More Universal Guitar To MIDI Converter For iOS, Sonuus G2M

Rode Intros iXY Stereo Microphone For iPhone, iPad

RØDE has announced the iXY, a stereo microphone for iPhone and iPad with 30-pin connector. It’s designed to allow high quality recording at sampling rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. The mic is intended for recording live music, meetings, lectures, reporting, dictation and sound design, and also is ideal for use on-camera as a dual-system recorder for DSLR.

uPhase+ Pattern Phase Sequencer Now Available

Developer Gregorio Zanon has announced that uPhase+ – a pattern phase sequencer & synthesizer for iOS – is now available. Zonon describes uPhase+ as ‘a door to Interactive Minimalism’. Here’s a demo of the app in action, being used for a cover of Steve Reich’s Piano Phase: