MIDI Control In AmpliTube 2.5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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AmpliTube 2.5 is a major upgrade for AmpliTube, a guitar amp and FX app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It now also includes full MIDI control and Digital Audio in and out.

MIDI control

Now you can control AmpliTube 2.5 remotely using an iOS compatible MIDI interface, like iRig MIDI, a standard foot controller or any other MIDI controller. This lets you:

  • Send preset up and down commands
  • Assign presets to switches or other controls, and
  • Control any amp or FX parameter with the learn function

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Sequencing Software & Hardware With Genome Sequencer

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This is a quick tutorial, via jimmclaren1, that demonstrates his approach to MIDI sequencing both hardware and software synths using Genome Sequencer on the iPad.

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Koushion Update Adds Retina Graphics Support & More

Last year, Kudzu Creative Group released Koushion – a Tenori On inspired music app for the iPad.

Since then, they’ve made a variety of improvements to Koushion, most notably adding CoreMIDI support. The latest update, version 2.4, adds iPad Retina graphics and a “rebound” loop mode that loops a single scene forwards and backwards.

Here’s the version 2.4 feature list…..


  • 16-step sequencer with a 2-octave range.
  • Integrates with your hardware MIDI setup via the iRig MIDI iPad accessory from IK Multimedia!
  • Connect wirelessly via a either a connector application (for Windows) or CoreMIDI (for OS X).
  • Syncs to any MIDI clock source or sends a MIDI clock signal so that the performance or production always stays synced.
  • Tap to set tempo (great for syncing with a live band)
  • Plays up to eight scenes/banks individually (wrap-around or rebounding loop), chained in succession, or simultaneously.
  • Adjustable quantization.
  • Switches easily to any major, minor, or pentatonic key with the push of a button.
  • Chromatic scale mode (useful for drum machine programming).
  • Configurable scene/bank MIDI channel assignments to enable control of multiple instruments at the same time.

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2012 NAMM Show News – The iRig MIC Cast Mobile Microphone

iRig Mic Cast2012 NAMM Show: IK Multimedia has introduced iRig Mic Cast, a mobile voice recording microphone.

iRig MIC Cast features a tight unidirectional pickup pattern that minimizes background noise, making it ideal for single-source audio recording.


  • Stereo mini-jack headphone output which enables real-time monitoring of what is being recorded using headphones or speakers.
  • Offers a mini-switch that provides two different sensitivity settings to record closeup or distant sources.
  • Includes an adjustable desktop stand for convenient iPhone/iPod touch positioning during recording.
  • Has a bumper-friendly mini-jack connector that fits the majority of iPhone/iPod touch cases.
  • Has an compact profile that can be carried anywhere with ease.
  • Like other IK Multimedia microphones, it includes 2 free apps: iRig Recorder, an easy-to-use voice recording/editing app, and VocaLive, a multi-effects processing app for singers.
  • Works with all regular phone calls and any Voice-Over-IP app.
  • Is compatible with iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

iRig MIC Cast is priced at €29.99 (ex. VAT) and will be available in Q1 2012.

iPad Scratching With DJ Rig + iRig MIX

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2012 NAMM Show: IK Multimedia has introduced a pair of iOS DJ products:

  • iRig Mix; a new mobile DJ mixer for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; and
  • DJ Rig, a new iOS DJ app.

iRig MIX is the first mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. iRig MIX offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) in an ultra-compact mobile mixer that can be used with a variety of iOS DJ mixing and other apps.


  • 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, independent cue on each channel with LED indication and channel cross-fader
  • Instrument/microphone/extra input with volume control can be processed by iOS apps (such as AmpliTube, VocaLive)
  • Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters
  • Headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control
  • Input switch splits Input 1 into dual-mono for use with DJ mixing apps on a single iOS device
  • “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free app
  • Can also be powered with battery packs and mobile chargers
  • Includes 4 free apps: DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive, GrooveMaker

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Developer – ‘With CoreMIDI, Your Music Apps Are No Longer Just Toys’

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Synthetic Bits shared this video today, which demonstrates using iOS devices in a fairly elaborate multi-platform MIDI performance.

The video demonstrates the CoreMIDI capabilities of two iOS music apps, FunkBox and Little MIDI Machine, when connected to an iRig MIDI interface.

Other instruments used are a Korg Monotribe, Little Phatty, Tattoo drum plugin, Arctic Keys synth app, NLog synth plugin, and Ableton Live.

The performance is a real-world demonstration of the current state of iOS as a music platform, and reflects the work developers have done as part of the Open Music App Collaboration initiative.

While I’d disagree with the generalization that music apps that don’t support MIDI are ‘just toys’, the focus that iOS developers have placed on improving MIDI communication between apps has opened up a lot of options for musicians.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about the state of iOS as a music platform!

MidiBridge MIDI Router Adds Open Music App Collaboration Support

Audeonic Apps has updated MidiBridge – a utility designed to interconnect all types of MIDI interfaces (external, virtual and network) on an iOS device.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

  • supports virtual MIDI to interconnect OMAC* compatible apps (Open Music App Collaboration)
  • backgroundable
  • jitter/sync mode
  • fixes bug where events going to wrong output
  • minor bug fixes and improvements

Supported external interfaces include Line6 Midi Mobilizer I and Midi Mobilizer II, IK Multimedia iRig MIDI and all other CoreMIDI devices that are compatible with iOS via the USB camera kit on iPad. For CoreMIDI support, iOS 4.2 or greater is required. Now also supports virtual CoreMIDI interfaces.

MidiBridge is $8.99 and is available in the App Store.

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SampleTank For iOS Instruments In Action

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This official demo video for SampleTank for iOS, via ikmultimedia, explores using the new rompler app and demonstrates the range of sounds available.

SampleTank for for iPhone/iPod touch is the mobile version of IK’s SampleTank for Mac and PC, a virtual sound workstation for the studio.

It is a 4-part multi-timbral instrument with a sound set of over 900 MB of samples for over 400 acoustic, electric and electronic instruments (including a selection of the best workstation sounds from SampleTank, orchestral sounds from Miroslav Philharmonik and synths sounds from SampleMoog) plus a selection of over 900 melodic and rhythmic patterns that span every musical genre.

Sampletank is available in the App Store for $19.99. A free version is available – so try it before you get the paid version and make sure it meets your needs!