John Carpenter Announces Debut Album – Lost Themes

john-carpenter-lost-themesFilm director John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape From New York, The Thing) has announced plans to release his debut album, Lost Themes.

While Carpenter is best known for his filmmaking, he has also scored most of his films, creating iconic themes and an iconic soundtrack style along the way.

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Being John Carpenter

Sunday Synth Jam: Ben Edwards, aka Benge, channels his inner John Carpenter, improvising some analog retronica.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Sometimes I get the urge to pretend I am in the studio in 1980 making a horror movie soundtrack. Luckily I have a studio full of old equipment so this is not a problem.

Here I am on the Moog Modular, Linn LM1, Oberheim 4-Voice (via Moog Phaser), all going through the MCI 416b console, with a bit of EMT plate reverb for good measure

Download The 8-bit Tribute To The Music Of John Carpenter

The soundtrack music of John Carpenter has received the 8-bit treatment in a new tribute album.

“I remember you featured us when we released our Dark Side of the Moon 8-bit tribute,” writes reader Joe. “Pterodactyl Squad is back with an 8-bit tribute to John Carpenter.”

It’s All In The Reflexes is a John Carpenter tribute album, featuring the music of 8-bit artists, including R-Sunset, Comptroller, seal of quality, Videogame Orchestra, EvilWezil, Videovalvontaa, Lorenzo Music, OxygenStar, SLAW, arcadecoma. and Shrimps.

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John Carpenter And The Sound Of Fear

Simon Reynolds talks in this video interview with horror master John Carpenter about his soundtracks and the music that inspired them:

Carpenter’s music for horror classics such as Halloween (1978) and The Fog (1980) were startlingly effective in their simplicity, and brought a new sonic palette to film scoring with their focus on synthesizers. The Carpenter sound has recently been revived by a wave of underground artists inspired by its otherworldly menace.

Carpenter talks about his love of early electronic soundtracks by Lois and Bebe Barron (Forbidden Planet), how he got interested in synthesizers and some of his more well-known soundtracks.

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Analog Synth Jam, Inspired By John Carpenter

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: This synth jam, Carpentry, by br0therl0c0, was inspired by the synthesized soundtracks of John Carpenter.

Technical details below. 

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