90 Seconds Of Face-Melting Roli Shredding, Courtesy Of Jordan Rudess

At the Winter NAMM Show, expressive controller manufacturer Roli featured a variety of artists at its booth, showcasing its RISE controllers with virtuosic musical performances.

In this video, keyboardist and synth designer Jordan Rudess performs a classically-inspired composition on the Roli Seaboard Rise 49 controller.
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Roli Seaboard Rise Prog Jam At The 2016 NAMM Show

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Roli was presenting its Seaboard Rise MIDI Controllers – some of the few controllers to support Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess composed a prog jam for the event, written for three performers with 25-note Rise controllers & a drummer. Rudess was joined on Rise by Eren Basbug and Marco Parisi, and by the amazing Elijah Wood on drums. Continue reading

GeoShred For iPad, aka ‘The Future Of Shredding’

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Dream Theater keyboardist & Wizdom Music founder Jordan Rudess lets us know about GeoShred – a new iPad music app that features a physical modeling sound synthesis engine and a interface that is tailored to shredding.

GeoShred brings together Wizdom Music’s Geo Synthesizer’s user interface, and moForte’s modeled guitar and effects chain, to deliver expressive physical modeling synthesis. The physical modeling engine lets you control the mechanics of a guitar model – solid or hollow body, nylon or metal strings, pick position, harmonics and more. And the interface gives you direct control over dozens of model parameters and effects.

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Moog Foundation ‘Encore’ Soundbank Features Who’s Who Of Synthesis

Bob_Moog_Foundation_MOTU_Encore_SoundbankMOTU and the Bob Moog Foundation have released the Encore Soundbank, a new collection of instrument and percussion sounds, produced in commemoration of Bob Moog’s 81st Birthday, coming up on May 23rd.

Over twenty synthesists and sound designers donated original samples to assist with the creation of the sound library, which offers over 2 GB of material.

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Jordantron Promises To Turns Your iPad Into ‘The Most Epic Sounding Instrument Ever’

jordanatronWizdom Music has released Jordantron – a new iPad instrument that features the custom patches of Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess.

Jordantron is a giant sample collection, wrapped in its own playable instrument, so it can be used as an iPad instrument or as a MIDI sound module.

Jordantron also lets you play it with two MIDI keyboards, one controlling the blendable ‘ABCtron’, the other controlling the ‘Dtron’, which is usually dedicated to chord pads. VOICEBANKs can be loaded using MIDI Program Change, so the iPad screen never needs to be touched during performance.

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