Keith McMillen Instruments Launches KMI Labs

Keith McMillen Instruments, makers of alternative MIDI controllers and audio interfaces like the QuNeo, QuNexus, K-Board and Soft Step and 12 Step conrollers, have announced the launch of KMI Labs, a showcase for the technologies developed at the company.

Preliminary technologies showcased at KMI Labs include

  • smart fabric (which senses variation in pressure and changes resistance as it is compressed) used in the company’s MIDI controllers
  • the Acoustic Instrument Message (AIM) protocol, which performs a spectral analysis of the sound from each individual string to turn timbre into synth commands and can run over standard MIDI

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The K-Board Pro Promises Polyphonic Multidimensional Control, With A Traditional Keyboard Layout

Keith McMillen Instruments shared another sneak preview video of their upcoming K-Board Pro 4 Polyphonic Multidimensional Controller.

The K-Board Pro 4 is laid out like a traditional keyboard controller, but offers expressive control, per note, that’s not available with most keyboard controllers. Continue reading

Keith McMillen Teases New K-Board Pro 4 Expressive MIDI Controller

Keith McMillen Instruments today released this teaser video for the K-Board Pro 4 – a new $495 expressive keyboard MIDI controller.

The company has not announced details on the new K-Board Pro 4 yet, but it’s clear from the video that this builds on their experience with expressive MIDI controllers, but is much closer in form to a traditional keyboard.  Continue reading

KMI Tutorial Explains Google Chrome’s Web MIDI API

With the newest version of Google Chrome, which came out a few weeks ago, the browser has added support for hardware MIDI – meaning that you can now use your MIDI controllers to play web-based music software. Continue reading

Keith McMillen Instruments Intros K-Mix Audio Interface And Programmable Mixer

At the 2015 NAMM Show, Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced the K-Mix – described as a ‘next generation audio interface and programmable mixer’.

The KMI K-Mix is a genre-blurring device. It’s a powerful control surface, like many of the company’s previous devices. But it’s also a hardware mixer and an 8 in/10 out audio interface. Continue reading

An Interview With KMI’s Keith McMillen

keith-mcmillenThe latest episode of the Art + Music + Technology podcast is an interview with electronic instrument designer Keith McMillen of Keith McMillen Instruments (KMI).

McMillen has been active as an instrument designer for nearly thirty years. In that time, he has managed music technology departments at Gibson, Harmon Kardon and other companies and created a variety of new instruments, ranging from advanced stringed instruments at Zeta Music to new types of music controllers at KMI.  Continue reading