The Best Of The 2014 NAMM Show


The 2014 NAMM Show was another great year for the event – the weather was fantastic, there were tons of new synths and interesting gear introduced and we got to see a lot of people passionate about synths and electronic music.

Here’s our pick of the best new gear that was either introduced at the show this year or that made its NAMM debut this year: Continue reading

Keith McMillen Instruments Announces StrongArm Six-String Sustainer

KMI_strongarm_bridgeAt the 2014 NAMM Show: Keith McMillen Instruments is introducing their latest invention: the StrongArm Six-string Sustainer.  

The StrongArm Sustainer picks up and drives all six strings by systems embedded within the actual saddle piece. The sensor saddle of the StrongArm pickup sees minute changes in position of the strings’ termination at the bridge. The result is a pickup that is full and even sounding with a broad range of response. A simple blend control adjusts the mix from your regular magnetic pickups with the StrongArm Sustainer sound.

Here’s McMillen’s intro video for the StrongArm: Continue reading

Keith McMillen Instruments Announces “Beer-proof!” SoftStep 2

Keith_McMillen_softstep2_topIn anticipation of The 2014 NAMM Show, which begins later this week, Keith McMillen Instruments has announced the release of SoftStep 2, the next iteration of its programmable foot controller.

KMI says that they have “refined the SoftStep experience from the ground up,” which includes making the SoftStep 2 ‘beer-proof’.

Updated SoftStep 2 hardware features (exclusive to SoftStep 2) include: Continue reading

Keith McMillen Instruments Updates SoftStep Editors and Firmware

KMI_softstep_EditorIn case you missed it: Keith McMillen Instruments recently announced new editors and firmware for their SoftStep programmable foot controller.

KMI says the new editors feature 8 times faster load time, using 500 MB less memory. Furthermore, a new user interface makes the Editor easier to use and covers nearly all user needs. The Advanced Editor (screenshot, below) is likewise improved providing more features for Hosted and Standalone modes.

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KMI Confirms QuNexus Compatibility With iOS 7

qunexus-connectivityKeith McMillen Instruments today confirmed that its QuNexus controller works natively with iOS 7, and can be powered by your iPhone or iPad without any additional software drivers.

The QuNexus captures polyphonic aftertouch, which makes it a powerful option for mobile setups.

QuNexus is class compliant and should work natively with any system that supports MIDI.

KMI Rogue + QuNeo Controller Combination Is “Freakin’ Awesome”

Keith McMillen Instruments has announced plans for an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the KMI Rogue – an accessory that turns the QuNeo into a wireless controller.

Key Features:

  • Rogue attaches quickly to the bottom of your QuNeo with low-profile Velcro.
  • Battery life for Rogue exceeds 12 hours (in KMI”s time-trials, it worked over 16 hours).
  • Rogue uses advanced radio technology with a 2.45GHz ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) band.
  • With changeable hi-gain antennas attached to the USB dongle, wireless range can be tailored to your needs from 50 to 200 meters.
  • LEDs on the Rogue indicate RF link status, battery life and charging activity for instant visual feedback.
  • QuNeo’s intelligent LED display is fully programmable and data-rich; you will rarely have to look at your computer screen.

See the video below for technical details on the Rogue: Continue reading