Behringer Teases $500 ARP Odyssey Clone


Behringer has an interesting holiday gift for Korg this year.

Last February, Korg announced that it was going to recreate the classic ARP Odyssey synthesizer by releasing a Korg ARP Odyssey. In the same announcement, Korg also said that ARP co-founder David Friend was joining Korg as their chief advisor on the new Odyssey.

Today, Behringer announced that they might be making their own ARP Odyssey recreation – and pricing it at $500. Continue reading

Elektron Analog Keys Four-Voice Synthesizer


Elektron is teasing a new analog keyboard at its site – the Analog Keys.

It’s being unveiled today in Berlin, with full specifications and details to come on November 26. From the design, though, it’s clear that the Analog Keys shares some genes with the Elektron Analog Four. Continue reading

Nord Lead 4 Debuts At Musikmesse


Musikmesse 2013: Nord today introduced the Nord Lead 4 – a 4-part multi-timbral synthesizer sporting a brand new 2-oscillator virtual analog sound engine with 2x oversampling

In addition to classic analog waveforms, there’s a Wavetable mode with new Formant Wavetables. Frequency Modulation and Hard/Soft sync options are available for mutilating your sound further and the True Voice Unison mode can stack up to four oscillators per voice for really thick, beefy leads and pads.

The filter section boasts Low Pass (12/24dB), High Pass, and Band Pass filters and also new simulations of two transistor and diode ladder filters capturing the squeaky, dirty character of the originals. A dedicated filter overdrive can distort your sound before it passes through the effect section.

The new Variation buttons let you override almost any parameter of the synthesizer, instantaneously. With 7 assignable variations per program, Nord Lead 4 gives you  freedom to warp and improvise your sound live, both rhythmically and sonically. And, thanks to the Master Clock Synchronization, it can be done in sync to other layers or an external MIDI Clock.

All 4 slots have dedicated effect sections with delay, reverb, tube amp simulated overdrive, a Talk effect modeled after a vocal tract and a sample rate reducing Crush effect. Continue reading

The Analog Session – Ascension

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a propulsive improvised synth jam, Ascension, by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky, aka The Analog Session:

“Ascension” is the first of 4 video-clips resulting from a session held at Robotnick’s studio in April 2012. A couple of cuts were made to bring the original 20 minute session down to a 10 minute video. No adjustment to the music was made in post-production.

The parts played by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky are totally improvised, with the exception of the central break and the theme of ascending notes that gives the title to the track. These two were previously agreed upon by the two musicians. The rhythmic part and the bass line were written on the sequencer in the modular synth operated by Ludus Pinsky. Some other sequencer lines derive from the main bass line.

The computer appearing in the video was used to record the performance on 24 tracks.

The video was shot by three standing cameras. The shots made by the mobile camera were mainly used to fill in the cuts.

“Ascension” is part of The Analog Session’s forth-coming album, scheduled for release in November 2012 by Hot Elephant Music.

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The Synth Motherlode – It’s In New Jersey!

The Synth Motherlode

Looking for a good excuse to visit New Jersey?

Look no further! New Jersey is apparently the home of the synth motherlode, shown above.

This collection is found at keyboard specialty store Three Wave Music, located in Hawthorne, NJ. Three Wave Music has roughly one bajillion keyboards in their storeroom, at least based on a sampling estimate from the photo above.

They’ve got Moog, Oberheim, Sequential, ARP, EML, EMS, Yamaha, Roland, Korg, AKAI, Alesis, M-Audio, Nord, Waldorf, Access, Novation, Farfisa, Vox, Rheem, Hammond, Rhodes, Wuritzer, Hohner, Dave Smith Instruments, Tom Oberheim, JoMox and more.

We can’t say that they’ve got one of everything – because it looks like they’ve got several of some.

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